Natuarli launches two TVC’s featuring Kriti Sanon and Shanaya Kapoor

The RP-Sanjiv Goenka Group announced the launch of ‘Naturali’ - a new age nature  inspired personal care brand. This new range of hair care & skin care products are first-of-its-kind backed by a  SuperBlendtechnology which offers a combination of two modern, efficacious, natural ingredients like Avocado and  Charcoal, Moringa and Avocado, Red Onion and Bhringaraj, Tea Tree & Avocado amongst others. The products are also  free from harmful chemicals like Sulphates, Parabens, Formaldehyde, Phthalates & Mineral Oil, proving to be a better  choice for consumers. First time ever, available at pocket-friendly price points, the offerings are a great value addition to  the beauty routines of young Indians in quest of natural ingredients-based offerings that provide quick results. 

The brand has launched two TVC’s featuring Bollywood divas Kriti Sanon and Shanaya Kapoor who represent the haircare  and skincare categories respectively. The brand films relay relatable instances of how women today don’t want to wait for  good things in their life including fixing bad hair days or getting rid of persistent pimples. In special focus are existing  natural-based products that are good for the hair and skin but are believed to take forever to show results. Naturali is all  set to challenge this perception with its new natural ingredients led formulation, which is super efficacious and delivers quick visible results, from the very first use. The Shampoo TVC has the Naturali Hair Fall Arrest variant showcasing the  goodness of ingredients - Red Onion & Bhringraj and the Facewash TVC shows the Naturali Daily Purifying Face Wash with  a SuperBlendof Tea Tree & Avocado to reduce pimples without over drying the skin. The free from harmful chemicals  proposition is further reinstilled in a youthful and engaging manner across both brand films.

True to its core proposition, Naturali has added the good stuff in and deleted the bad ones. The shampoos, conditioners,  facewashes and the face cream have been designed keeping in mind the need for products that can complement the fast paced lifestyle of the millennial and Gen Z consumers today.  

Speaking about the launch, Shashwat Goenka, Sector Head, Retail & FMCG said, ‘There has been a paradigm shift in how  Indian consumers, especially the younger, more conscious generation, engage with beauty products today. They are  looking for a holistic and transparent approach towards beauty and wellness that is result oriented. However, despite there  being a burgeoning rise in the demand for natural beauty products, the personal care ‘free from nasties’ segment is still  underpenetrated in terms of mass, affordable players. And that’s where we come in - Naturali, a personal care brand  infused with natural ingredients that are efficacious and free from harmful chemicals. The range is also available at pocket  friendly price points to the masses, a first for the segment.” 

He further added, ‘We are very glad to announce Kriti Sanon as the face of the Naturali haircare range while Shanaya  Kapoor represents the skincare offerings. We are a new, bold, and trendy brand and we wanted to associate with  individuals who could help bring out and advocate these values. Kriti and Shanaya are the perfect choice as both are young,  vivacious, and personally, resonates with our natural first proposition.’ 

Sharing her thoughts on the association, hair care ambassador Kriti Sanon added, ‘I am extremely thrilled to be  associating with Naturali hair care range that is infused with modern, trendy natural ingredients which are free from  harmful chemicals. I have always been an ardent supporter of the ‘no nasties’ proposition when it comes to my haircare  needs, hence this association came very naturally to me. Everyone knows that natural products are supposed to be good  for you, but they are often believed to be slow in giving results. Naturali changes this, as the range has a unique 

SuperBlendof complimentary natural ingredients, that are optimized to give you quick visible results. As a woman  myself, I strongly believe that no woman should never have to compromise especially with respect to her beauty choices.  So, it is extremely fulfilling to see a brand that is not only good for you being free from harmful chemicals but also makes  you look good.’ 

Speaking on the launch, upcoming Bollywood debutante and skincare ambassador Shanaya Kapoor said, ‘It is  exhilarating to be associated with Naturali Skin care range. It’s a brand that I feel complements my personality and I’m  sure, just like me, a lot of young women are going to instantly connect with it. It’s trendy, unapologetic, true to its claims,  and most importantly takes charge. What resonated with me the most was the fresh take Naturali offers on nature-based  skincare, the exciting ingredients - Avocado, Tea Tree, Red Raspberry coupled with the free from harmful chemicals  promise. As someone who’s had to deal with her fair share of skin problems like pimples while growing up, I am certain  this range is going to be very useful for girls out there and I can’t wait for them to try it out!’ 

Naturali products will be currently available in Delhi and Bangalore at general trade, modern trade and beauty outlets and  will soon be present across the country on leading e-commerce websites. National launch in general trade and modern  trade to follow. Here’s celebrating a brand, bringing to the public accessible natural care offerings that are modern,  effective and add value to the haircare and skincare regimens of young Indians. 


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