Neeti Chopra & Swati Bhattacharya dissect Bombay Times Out & Proud @Work campaign

Following the overwhelming response to the first edition of the landmark campaign, Bombay Times has recently launched the second edition of the platform, called ‘Bombay Times Out & Proud @Work’, with the goal of making every workplace fair and inclusive.

The campaign has been launched across print, television, and digital platforms, with the goal of engaging the larger community in order to foster workplace inclusivity. It is critical to emphasise the importance of employers taking responsibility for making their workplaces inclusive rather than the community adjusting to a rigid environment.

Adgully reached out to Neeti Chopra, Brand Director, Times Metro Supplements and The Economic Times, and Swati Bhattacharya, Creative Chairperson, FCB India, to know more about the campaign, the core insight behind it, the challenges faced, the impact of the campaign, and much more.

When asked about the core thought behind Out and Proud @Work, Neeti Chopra shared, “I don’t think I faced any challenge. Swati and I had a conversation, and I said, Swati, you did such an amazing campaign with Out and Proud, which was on the back of the decriminalisation of homosexuality in India and that was a huge success and it had a big impact in terms of the number of people who came out and spoke about their stories. It was done in the format of classifieds in the newspaper. I just said to her that why don’t we think of what could be version two. As we started talking, this idea came out. It did not come as Out and Proud @Work, but it had gone through an evolution.”

Adding further to this, Swati Bhattacharya said, “The whole point was to actually work with the community to find out what is coming in the way of the community; to truly understand at a granular level what are those little things that come in the way of a full, authentic life at work. Once we got Pride Circle to come in, we knew we were working with the community to do something for the community. The real experiences of the community are what guided us to do what we have done with the campaign.”

These are edited excerpts of the interview. For the entire conversation, watch below:


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