Netflix ad-supported tier hits five million users

Netflix's ad-supported tier has skyrocketed to five million active users per month since its launch in 12 markets back in November 2022. This news was shared by Jeremi Gorman, Netflix's President of Worldwide Advertising, during a presentation to advertisers at a virtual event.
Gorman announced that the global monthly active user count had reached the impressive milestone of five million, with a noteworthy one million hailing from the United States alone. These monthly active users encompass all adult profiles linked to an account featuring ads, while commercials do not interrupt children's profiles. As of March 2023, Netflix reported a grand total of 232.5 million paying subscribers worldwide, demonstrating its unwavering popularity.

"The signals are promising: engagement on our ads plan is similar to our comparable non-ads plans. That’s critical because it all starts and ends with consumers. It’s why, despite all the competition out there, Netflix is the most popular streaming service today. To be the one to watch, you need everyone watching. And that’s what sets Netflix apart. The one to watch,” said Netflix co-CEO Greg Peters.

Netflix is seeking to collaborate with advertisers to develop innovative advertising formats that can only be brought to life on a digital platform. For instance, imagine a captivating 30-minute commercial unfolding over several days, with an intriguing story evolving each time a viewer indulges in Netflix content. Co-CEO Ted Sarandos emphasized that such an immersive experience cannot be replicated in traditional linear TV since people do not confine themselves to a single channel.

With its tremendous growth and groundbreaking advertising initiatives, Netflix is rewriting the rules of the streaming industry, keeping audiences hooked and revolutionizing the art of digital storytelling.


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