New tagline in OLX campaign plays on the word 'Shakal Dekhi Hai'

OLX, a leading global product and tech company and India’s No.1 online classifieds marketplace, has launched its new ad campaign with the tagline “OLX Dekha Hai?”. Launched in  7 different languages Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada and Telugu, the 360-degree brand campaign will run across TV, outdoor, digital, social and radio. The campaign, comprising three stories, also highlights OLX’s versatility across popular consumer categories, especially furniture, electronics and mobiles. The new ad campaign was conceptualized by the creative agency Enormous Brands and features millennials as lead protagonists egging friends and family to upgrade their lives by making smart choices on OLX.

Addressing the inherent human desire to upgrade, the campaign plays on the words ‘Shakal dekhi hai?’, which is an Indian idiom meaning literally ” Have you seen your face”, translating loosely that one doesn't deserve anything better and looking down upon somebody. Seasoned with a liberal dose of humour, the script comprises true-to-life stories of people getting called out for stating their desires to their near and dear ones and being made to feel inadequate. The platform is then brought in as the source of their confidence and pride in wanting more from life. Not only are they able to fulfil their desires in life, but also armed with a smart comeback  - ‘OLX Dekha Hai?’.

Commenting on the latest ad campaign, Sapna Arora, CMO, OLX India, “The inherent purpose of OLX is to empower people to upgrade their lives. We want to express this value proposition at every level of our user communication. Our latest campaign is another endeavour to convey to our users that we are by their side, helping them make smart choices in support of their wants, ambitions, and progress.” “Users across countries are buying and selling on OLX to upgrade their lives, and OLX is a smart choice to achieve that. We have tried to resonate that through these creatives,” she added.

This campaign comes on the back of a major rebranding of OLX’s brand identity earlier this year. The refreshed brand identity incorporates a new logo to better represent the idea of making smart choices - circling great finds on OLX (the O), and crossing (the X) out the duds elsewhere. It features a visual identity and tone of voice that is more optimistic, ambitious, lively and provocative.

Speaking about the campaign, Ashish Khazanchi, Managing Partner, Enormous Brands, said, “Through this campaign, we wanted to continue the journey we had set out on in our last campaign, pitching the brand in a cooler, younger, and trendier way to millennials. It is a celebration of the changing face of young Indian consumers who are confident, optimistic, witty, and assertive about wanting a better quality of life.”


Campaign Credits

Agency Name: Enormous Brands

Creative Team: Ashish Khazanchi, Harsh Maheshwari, Khurram Haque, Ashish Adpur

Client Servicing Team: Mukund Raina, Shivi Verma, Jatin Trikha, Piyali Paul

Director:  Sandeep Yadav

Agency’s Film Producer: Rohit Sonik

Production House: Moment in Time

The campaign talks to the millennials who are looking for smarter options to upgrade their lives. This is also the underlying message that inspires confidence in those who use the product in front of their peers and competition and eventually come out as the smarter one by the end of the story. 

The first ad campaign takes place in a classroom and showcases two students bantering with each other over a new phone. One of them responds that it is his new phone and the other one jeers at him saying “Shakal Dekhi Hai”. The first friend instantly whips out his phone and shows his friend the range of affordable smartphones on OLX and quips the tagline “OLX Dekha Hai?”. This friend instantly decides to sell his existing phone on OLX in order to upgrade to a better phone. 

The second ad campaign shows a young couple, where a husband and wife are discussing about upgrading from their semi-automatic washing machine to a fully automatic front loading machine. On this suggestion, the wife sarcastically replies to the husband “Shakal Dekhi Hai?” to which the husband promptly opens the OLX app and says “OLX Dekha Hai?” as they start browsing a range of fully automatic washing machines available at an affordable price.

The third campaign shows a joint family having dinner together on a small dining table. A young boy in the family recommends that they upgrade to a larger dining table with more seating options. On this suggestion, the members of the family chide him by saying “Shakal Dekha Hai?” to which the young boy promptly opens the OLX app and says “OLX Dekha Hai?” to show them a range of dining tables available on OLX at an affordable price. 

All the 3 ads showcase the protagonists having met with interested buyers for their existing products and successfully completing the transaction upon inspection of the product. The ads conclude with a call to action encouraging people to buy or sell anything (Kuch Bhi Kharido, Kuch Bhi Becho) by downloading the OLX app. 


Director : Sandeep Yadav
Client : OLX India
Agency : Enormous
Production House : Moment in Time
Producer : Rachita Bisht
Creative : Ashish Khazanchi , Harsh Maheshwari
Director of Photography: Xavier 
Music Director : Abhishek Arora ( BeatCrush Production)



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