NEXT by Rediffusion creates television campaign for ICICIDirect

ICICIDirect Markets’ app has teamed up with ‘NEXT by Rediffusion’ to launch its cutting-edge features to aid the millennials to start investing in an easy and smart way

With India’s youth population driving a boom in the country’s investment landscape, millions thronged into stock trading during the pandemic. The millennials’ love affair with the market has grown by leaps and bounds, yet a sizeable chunk of potential investors have stayed away from investing given the complexities involved.

Easy Options platform from ICICIDirect’s Markets app is helping investors get off the side-lines and participate in the markets. It offers holistic and simple featuresto customers where they just need to have a view, look at the best options the engine reflects and simply get started.

Now that people are back in office from the pandemic, they are busy as ever and don't have the time and leisure to execute larger orders. With ICICIDirect’s  Algo Trading feature, one can split large orders into smaller ones in a hassle-free way with exclusive Execution Algorithms. They automatically place the orders based on parameters such as time, price, volume or a combination of these.

Says Deepak Saluja, head of marketing for ICICIDirect, “India’s burgeoning online investment platforms have seen a massive surge in demand, especially among younger, first time investors, as they lowered entry fees and made trading accessible. As a strategy it worked well initially, but as the category matures, investors start looking for long term impact and not view it as just another passing fad.  We at ICICI Direct back our offering with research insights, helping investors make informed decisions and view trading a serious investment option. As a platform, we want audiences to inculcate the habit of investing while making it fun. The new features added make the whole thing as easy and smart as swiping right or left on a dating app”

Asheesh Malhotra, Executive Director, NEXT by Rediffusion adds, “Getting investors on platforms is easy, but getting them to stay invested is another ball game. You need to create content that’s plugged into the young investors’ minds, speaks their language, and becomes their buddy not their daddy. The two TVCs created by NEXT by Rediffusion sharp focus on the consumer living a compromised and an overloaded work life, and those who simply lack knowledge when it comes to complex trading… executed in a light hearted manner with a touch of exaggerated humour.

“In the Execution Algorithm ad, the consumer angst is highlighted through a simple insight of how trading could sound like Greek & Latin to the uninitiated. The second ad on Easy Options feature builds from the insight of the overburdened junior executive who is rammed from all directions, making him the office punching bag. The markets apps from ICICIDirect give our TG a click and trade option to continue investing while dealing with their day to day battles.” elaborates Pramod Sharma, National Creative Director, Rediffusion.


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