Nitin Jai Shukla speaks about OMTV’s Association with Chingari

OMTV app launched on the eve of Independence Day this year providing users with content they have never seen before.  It is a global first, where a platform provides an insight into India’s rich rooted culture through stories - Original and Curated. This first-of-its-kind app OMTV has moved a notch higher with their recent association with the popular short-video sharing platform, Chingari. This caters to the rising demands of the niche audiences keen to connect with Indian cultural heritage. Chingari will be able to provide its users content of OMTV Originals through their app. These varied programmes offer a range of shows from mythology & culture to food & history.  

Within the first month of its launch, OMTV’s rich and diverse content saw a demand and Chingari India’s fastest growing short-video sharing platform has collaborated with the platform owners. Chingari plans to offer OMTV Originals to its users through this special collaboration, which is a natural progression in the evolving digital space for both the Indian apps.  

Nitin Jai Shukla, Founder & Managing Director, OMTV app, said, “OMTV is a humble attempt to showcase the diversity & deep-rooted philosophy present in the traditions of our nation. With “GYAAN BHI, GARV BHI” as the platform’s philosophy we intend to offer varied content, from knowledge to culture and heritage to historical and mythological shows. Our partnership with one of India’s fastest growing short format video platforms Chingari in the first month of our launch is indeed exciting. Chingari is popular not only amongst youth but also in regions where people are rooted in culture. With our offering of an insight into our nation's culture, this collaboration promises to be a distinct step towards making a positive impact by piquing on people's curiosity to know more about Indian culture”. 

For Mr Sumit Ghosh, Co-founder & CEO, Chingari App, this exclusive collaboration is another way for Chingari to give its astute users a wholesome experience. “Chingari’s reach amongst young users, in particular, is big. And the extension methods in promoting talent & entertainment makes it a popular option amongst the users & collaborative brands. We always look forward to offering quality in terms of content. This partnership with OMTV is keeping this in mind.” 

"At Chingari, we are always creative in terms of our unusual offerings that resonate with our users. The OMTV content perfectly matches our beliefs. The Indian connection here revolves around India's cultural heritage. And it connects to our users who are modern yet want to connect to their roots. This alliance will be a refreshing change for Chingari, OMTV and our users,” remarks Mr Deepak Salvi, Co-founder & COO, Chingari App. 

OMTV plans to showcase India’s Sanatan Dharma and inform about it through storytelling & programmes in fiction and non-fiction formats. Their flagship shows Gita Stories and The Chair are seen as exemplary efforts in keeping our heritage alive and relevant in today’s times. With a rich bank of originals lined up for launch, OMTV is making every effort to keep our heritage alive.

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