NuShakti launches #ForYourDailyImmunityRoutine campaign

Highlighting the importance of following an effective immunity-building routine, NuShakti – a brand of DSM – designed to promote better nutrition in India, launched a campaign showcasing an easy way to follow a routine that can help build immunity via its product - NuShakti powermix for rice which contains immunity-building nutrients like Vitamin B6, B12, Folic acid, Zine and Iron. The nutrients in powermix for Rice will help increase the level of micronutrients in rice without changing the taste, colour or appearance of regular home cooked meals.  

Given the significance of micronutrients in building immunity, the campaign urges consumers to adopt home food fortification of daily staple foods like rice with micronutrients by adding NuShaktiTM powermix for rice. This is a convenient way to improve the nutritional value of regular rice with immunity building nutrients.

The 30-second TVC features popular actress Ramya Krishnan who, as a mother, introduces a new immunity building routine to her family. Anticipating the difficulty in following a new routine, her husband, mother-in-law and son appear reluctant to wake up early and eat anything bitter or boring. The mother then eases apprehensions by saying no one needs to change their routine and preferences. NuShaktiTM Powermix for rice adds Immunity building nutrients to regular rice without a need to change food habits.

The commercial reveals that when 1gm NuShaktiTM powermix is mixed with 100gm of uncooked rice, the mixed rice provides certain micronutrients found in foods such as skim milk, methi leaves, ragi, sweet corn, red capsicum and more. Moreover, it mentions that powermix for rice is made with organic rice and contains zero preservatives. Finally, the TVC states that daily consumption of rice mixed with NuShaktiTM powermix for rice is a systematic way to consume micronutrients that are scientifically proven to build immunity.

Amit Bose, Business Director, Project MANDI (Making a Nutritional Difference in India), said, “With increased awareness in recent times about the need to build immunity, consumers are seeking products that can help them achieve this objective. NuShaktiTM powermix for rice has been formulated with 5 essential immunity-building nutrients that can help a family build a simple immunity routine for better nourishment and healthier lifestyles. Made with organic rice and zero preservatives, it’s a product for the whole family, including children & elders. Accordingly, the #ForYourDailyImmunityRoutine campaign creatively encourages consumers to build an immunity routine.”

The 360-degree campaign will be aired on television and digital platforms, including YouTube, Social Media and OTTs. Besides, the brand will engage with a peer-to-peer network of mothers and influencers to amplify awareness and spark conversations. The campaign is in tune with NuShaktiTM’s key message of improving the health of consumers by providing immunity-building nutrients through their products.


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