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Offbeat: Inquisitiveness helps me embrace uncertainty - Ritesh Singh

In our constant endeavour to give our readers content that is a little ‘hatke’ from the trade media norm, Adgully has been coming out with Special sections like The W-Suite, Ad Land’s Young Guns, Spirit W and ‘Offbeat’. 

Our newest offering, ‘Offbeat’, seeks to give a glimpse of the lesser known facets of our very well-known industry leaders. We present, in the industry leaders’ own words, an interesting read on areas that are not usually highlighted in regular media coverage – be it about their childhood days, secret skills that they possess, how they unwind from their hectic schedules, and much more. 

Ritesh Singh, Co-founder & MD of ARM Worldwide, has been in the communications and media industry for over 15+ years across digital & activation, during which he spearheaded business for noteworthy national and multinational brands.

In the current avatar, as the co-founder and MD of ARM Worldwide, Ritesh has worked with a diverse list of clients across technology, education, e- commerce, and the BFSI sector. His ideology is crafted on a strong belief that, with the convergence of various media, digital is headed towards an experience where conventional and digital resources will be used hand in glove to give the best outputs.

In his previous role, as the National Director at MEC Interaction, he had actively lead many campaigns that were momentous in setting new benchmarks within the organization, and globally. He had also held several key positions at Starcom MediaVest Group where he was a part of the global leadership program, Global Impact Circle – a group of 25 people working to design & deploy tactics in about 80 countries with global organization goals at core.

How were you as a child and which childhood trait do you still possess?
I was a very inquisitive child. I loved listening to the life experiences of my elders, without knowing that it can be put to use in life in some way. 

Even today, I am as inquisitive as I used to be during my childhood. I believe that inquisitiveness helps me to embrace uncertainty, and see life as an enjoyable quest to discover, learn and grow. 

Which superhero did you look up to as a kid and why? Which superhero power you wish you possessed?
Superman and He-Man were the two super-heroes that I looked up to as a kid. I was certainly mesmerised by their super powers, but never wished to possess them. I think the real superpower is with Tom & Jerry. The way they have touched people’s heart and made them smile all through these years is incredible. I wish to possess this ability to make people happy so effortlessly. There cannot be a better superpower than one which makes people smile. 

What is your biggest fear and how do you face it?
My biggest fear these days is the growing crime rate against children. Daily news of abduction, murder, bullying and rape makes me worried about the fate and security of children. 

Fortunately, there are few things that can be done to put a check on it. For instance, parents can educate their children about potential threats and how they can deal with it. They can also teach them self-defence techniques, which they can use during an emergency. 

A skill you possess that no one knows about?
None of my skills are hidden from my family and friends (laughs). I feel there is no point having a skill which is not even known to your friends or family. It’s like having a secret weapon which is of no use. 

What would one find in your playlist?
I love listening to all kinds of music, so my playlist is basically a mix of all. Bollywood songs occupy the major part of my playlist, but you will also find a bit of Country music and balance of various famous ones like, Coke Studio, Bryan Adams, Enrique, Westlife, Peter Andre, etc., in it. 

Your go-to activity to relax?
I often play squash, read something on Kindle or listen to my favourite songs to bring myself back to the rhythm. Spending time with family is also a great way for me to relax. 

What is the greatest lesson that you have learnt from life so far?
Start small, think big and focus on the outcome. 

A social cause that you are most passionate about?
I have a strong inclination towards under-privileged children. For the last 3-4 years, I have been visiting Samarpan Foundation every year to spend some quality time with the underprivileged kids. We eat, play and read together. But I feel that I can do more than this. I want to spend more time with them and if possible, I would like to assist their teachers to shape up the future of our country. 

What’s the one thing you would like to change about yourself?
I would like to be more regular with my workouts. There are times when work takes precedence and I am compelled to skip my exercise. I want to involve yoga/ exercise in my daily routine. 

If not the Co-founder & MD of ARM Worldwide, what would you have been?
I would have been in the same space as I am in even without my current designation. I love what I do, so the designation does not matter. 

What are the three apps on your mobile you can’t live without?
E-mail, Call and SMS are the three primary apps without which I cannot imagine doing my daily office work. Apart from them, the three most important apps on my cell phone are Sonos, Basecamp and Health Activity. 

What’s the last thing you watched on TV and why did you choose to watch it?
TV in its conventional form is history at home, set top box is an alien staring at us in anger (red light is on). The last thing that I watched on TV was ‘Minions’ through Netflix to give company to my son (5+). 

Which two organisations outside your own do you know the most people at?
First would be Starcom as I have spent close to 6 years there, and second may be Google or LinkedIn as we do business with them. 

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?
I would live anywhere, where there is less threat to the life of kids and where the air is fresh enough for everyone to breathe.


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