Offbeat: Shyam Motwani – Obsessed about making every home safe

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Shyam Motwani, Executive Vice President & Business Head, Godrej Locking Solutions and Systems (a business division of the Godrej & Boyce Mfg. Co. Ltd), has in the past 29 years, spearheaded important roles in his previous assignments with the group. Over the years, Motwani has steered his business functions to exceptional growth. Under his leadership, Godrej Locks has built an extraordinary product portfolio and an impressive financial performance. His vision led to early adoption of advanced engineering equipment, new and innovative technology and internationally accredited management systems and processes. 

Motwani recently announced Godrej Locks #HarGharSurakshit, India’s first ever campaign to make people conscious about home safety, which is something that is extremely close to his heart and he aims to make every Indian home safe. 

A precious childhood trait that you still possess?
Curiosity and Compassion are the two guiding factors for me, with one helping me excel in what I do and the other helping me become a team player. 

Ever wished you had superhero powers?
Absolutely! But since I can’t be riding at night on the streets of Gotham like Batman, I do my bit through an educative drive on home safety, enabling each one to be their own family’s superhero. 

What is your biggest fear and how do you face it?
Heights and deep sea. 

A secret that you have which no one knows about?
Not that I know! 

What would one find in your playlist?
Old Hindi songs; I am a self-proclaimed fan of the old classics. 

Your go-to activity to relax?
Yoga in the morning and/or brisk walk in the evening are the activities that help me relax and clear all the clutter. 

What is the greatest lesson that you have learnt from life so far?
There is no other replacement or quick fixes for hard work. 

A social cause that you are most passionate about?
Education of the girl child and support for institutions engaged in charity and orphanages. 

What’s the one thing that you would like to change about yourself?
I have been diligently following a one-meal-a-day schedule, however, thanks to my sweet tooth, I end up having some or the other sweet – in less quantity, but I still do. So, I would surely want to exercise more restraint on myself. 

If not in your current designation, what would you have been?
A Chef! 

What are the three apps on your mobile that you couldn’t live without?
Music app, book reading app and food apps that help me find the best places to eat in whichever city I am. 

Any content/film or book you saw or read recently and why?
I recently watched the web series ‘Sacred Games’. I like shows that are closer to reality, along with some comedy shows too. They help in relaxing after a long day at work. 

Which two organisations outside your own do you know the most people at and why?
Godrej Soaps Ltd and Godrej-GE Appliances Ltd. 

Two things about this industry that you don’t like or don’t understand?
If you ask any individual about what is the first feeling of being at home, the most common answer you will hear is ‘I feel Safe’. However, till date it continues to be a low-involvement and low awareness category in the consumers’ mind. One will be surprised to know how most consumers are not actively involved in choosing the locks at their new/ rented homes and rarely do they change their locks, as well. It was this insight that pushed us to take it upon ourselves to come up with the #HarGharSurakshit initiative, as we want to change the status quo and make people aware about the importance of home safety. 

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?
Australia or New Zealand – I am a complete beach person and I love water sports. These are the two countries that can surely offer me the above two quotients in abundance.


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