Oracle unveils slew of tools to help marketers navigate changes in the new normal

While change is nothing new in marketing, the speed and scale of the changes over the last few months are more significant than anything seen before. The business environment has gone through years’ worth of change in a matter of weeks in the current circumstances. The weakest links in every system have been exposed. And there is no more guessing what the cost of the status quo is.

To help marketers navigate all this change and seize this opportunity to rethink the role of marketing in their organisations, Oracle has introduced a series of updates to Oracle CX Marketing within the Oracle Cloud Customer Experience suite to help marketers learn more about their customers and make every interaction matter

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.New Account-Based Marketing (ABM) Capabilities: With budgets under the microscope, this is a time for focus and that’s why Oracle has introduced a series of updates to enhance ABM strategies. A new account engagement dashboard for Oracle Eloqua provides visibility into the activity on marketers’ most engaged accounts, while account enrichment with ‘firmographic’ data from Oracle DataFox enables them to build highly targeted segments within Eloqua. In addition, by integrating Oracle CX Unity segments into Eloqua campaigns and campaign performance back into CX Unity profiles, Oracle is further improving segmentation and targeting.

New Zoom, Webex and Microsoft Team Integrations: Keeping in mind the growing use of video conferencing and collaboration tools, the new integrations with Eloqua will help marketers reach their customers on these platforms with minimal effort.

New Content Management Capabilities: To help improve the efficiency of content marketing programs, Oracle has introduced pre-configured and reusable content blocks. With content blocks, marketers can create reusable, pre-styled, and pre-configured blocks of content to use in landing pages and emails that will accelerate control and creation within Eloqua. Eloqua’s close integration with CX Content also makes sharing content across teams a breeze while remote.

New Personalisation Capabilities: Context has risen to the top of the agenda and new intelligence capabilities for Responsys will help marketers simplify marketing production while optimising for customers. For example, Oracle’s new fatigue analysis will help marketers identify when they may be sending too many messages to an individual. A new intelligent switch can optimise the channel, time, and message to send to a customer. And an intelligent audience selector can help marketers find more customers who will respond well to their marketing automations.

New Loyalty and Engagement Capabilities: To drive more personalised interactions with members of loyalty programs, Oracle has introduced a new polling capability within Oracle CrowdTwist. Polls are great for engagement and for collecting first party data to enable more personalised interactions. They are also another good way to gain additional insights beneficial to both the member and the marketer.

New Customer Intelligence Platform Enhancements: The latest enhancements to CX Unity will help marketers address the need for authentic, context-aware, and empathetic communications by making it easy to create customer (B2C) and account (B2B) profiles. In addition, Oracle has introduced a new B2B data model for targeting of accounts versus individual customers, and added retail and automotive industry schemas that enable marketers in those industries to build and maintain customer profiles that are specific to the nuances of their industry.

Shashi Seth, Senior Vice President, Oracle CX Marketing, remarked, “We realise that there isn’t a silver bullet right now and that the rules are being constantly re-written, but we also know that this can be a huge opportunity to take fate into your own hands and choose the future for your career, brand, and industry. Whatever choice you make, we are here to support you every step of the way with the latest innovations, best practices, and marketing insights.”


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