Origami Creative releases Lockdown Lullaby Song- Mental Health

As the second wave of COVID-19 virus sweeps around the globe, many countries are returning to nationwide lockdown to stem the pandemic. While the government authorities around the world are prioritising curbing the spread of the virus and working towards uplifting the economy, mental health issues during the pandemic have taken a backseat.  

According to reports, as several countries instigated nationwide lockdowns early in 2020, around 3 billion people globally had to live completely unprepared, under strict lockdown procedures for months together. 

These numbers are set to rise with countries planning to call complete lockdowns to curtail the second wave of the coronavirus epidemic. Along with the saddening death of millions due to the virus, some within the advertising and marketing fraternity too, an alarming emotional shock has affected citizens everywhere.

The lockdown, quarantine, self-isolation, and even the unpredictability has negatively impacted mental health. The mental health crisis is now more pronounced than ever.

As millions lost their jobs, personal lives of families changed drastically. Sadly, no proper guidelines were put in place to prevent psychological trauma.

Mental health concerns and treatment have still not got their due when it comes to the resources as we gear up for the second wave of pandemic containment. But it's essential to take care of each other and ask for help ourselves when we need it. And to check in with each other, when we can.

In this context, Origami Creative in collaboration with TILV Records released a video song called 'Someone Else - a lockdown lullaby'. The 3 minutes video song centring mental health crisis is garnering rave reviews.

The video song captures the impact that the lockdown has had on us. It reminds that it’s important for us to be there for each other so that we have someone to lean on. It carries the hope that this time around, we don’t have to feel alone.

The song further reassures that there is always someone for you and, that we should never underestimate the power of being there for someone, and the need to make a valiant effort to do so. 

The video initiative is spearheaded by Laeeq Ali, President of the Advertising Club Bangalore, Co-Founder & Director, Origami Creative and Bloombox Brand Engineers. The song is written and composed by Varun and Vinaya Grace Mary. The video song is produced by Sid Timeship. And, edited by Akhil Rajan.

Speaking on the video, Laeeq Ali said, "Despite our differences, we can all agree that this year has been a tough one. As we started working from home, many of our employees were quarantined or in lockdown, away from their loved ones. We came to realise that this experience of loss, uncertainty and loneliness was something we all shared."

He continued, "What it taught us was that we, human beings, are social beings - we need each other more than we would like to admit. We need someone to show up, listen and look out for us. And when that is not enough, we need to reach out to professionals. It is out of this that the idea for a lockdown song sprouted. A bonus was that we got to talk to our colleagues outside of work hours and collaborate on something we were all passionate about."

The other team members of 'Someone Else' include Shankar, Saloni, Nabarun, Ranjini, Irfan, and Rohit.

The Government of India Union Social Justice and Empowerment Ministry has recently launched a 24/7 toll-free helpline to provide support to people facing anxiety, stress, depression, suicidal thoughts and other mental health concerns. If you are struggling and in need of help, the mental health rehabilitation helpline, KIRAN, can be called from landline and mobile phones across the country at the number 1800-599-0019.
Origami & partners are also inviting all mental health NGOs to use this video as a tool and reach out to that someone else who might be in need.


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