'Our desire for awe-inspiring experiences will shape future of video games':Dynamo Gaming

The gaming industry in India is currently growing at a very rapid pace, and we have seen rising interest in PC gaming over the last year. This unprecedented growth can largely be attributed to the ever-growing popularity of esports and PC gaming in India. The industry is attracting a lot of attention, especially from new aspiring gaming enthusiasts. According to industry reports, viewership of esports in India doubled to 17 million in 2020 and the prize money pool grew 25-30%. This in turn made the industry a lot more lucrative to aspiring gamers in India, hence contributing to the growth of the sector. The pandemic further played a big role in the upliftment of the industry as more people adopted gaming as the mode of entertainment during the lockdown, additionally witnessing a rise in the women gamers’ community.

In conversation with Adgully, Dynamo Gaming aka Aditya Sawant talks about his path as a vital element of the ASUS ProArt Creator Hub, as well as how young content creators may develop powerful material, the value of growing technology, and other platforms.

Dynamo Gaming is the most recognised YouTuber in India. How do you see yourself as the most recognised and influencing esports influencer?

My YouTube channel started out of my passion for video games. It has been an extraordinary journey from a gamer to a YouTuber with 10-million subscribers, with many ups and downs. Yes, it feels fantastic. It took years of practice and constant efforts to get here. However, it is a world where you must work hard to stay ahead of the game.

Moreover, with success comes the responsibility and I am always on an endeavour to impart my learning and help the community become stronger.  ASUS ProArt Lab is a fantastic opportunity for me to engage with the youth who are keen to explore the world of gaming as well as content creation. I am really looking forward to sharing my experiences with them as well as learning something new from them.

How do you see the gaming market evolving through pre- and post-pandemic times?

Video gaming has grown in popularity in recent years, ranging from basic smartphone games to immersive multiplayer experiences. The pandemic, on the other hand, has aided the game industry's growth as individuals spend more time in front of their screens. As more individuals become aware of the industry's full potential, it may be considered a viable career option.

What are your thoughts about the Recent Financial budget which promised to pave a great way for the gaming industry?

The gaming industry has shown significant growth in the past years and holds a huge potential in years to come. I am glad that the government has recognised the industry’s prospects and announced forming the dedicated task force for promoting animation and gaming. It will not just aid the sector to grow but also inspire the emerging talents by creating a variety of job opportunities for young people, further boosting the country's economy. The suggestions for the sector are highly promising.

What are your expectations for the future of this industry in terms of technology and monetisation?

Content creation has clearly created a very significant space for itself and is here to stay. In fact, initiatives like the ASUS ProArt lab would provide a push to this segment. I am looking forward to technology playing an even more interesting role in advancing the whole concept of content creation. Alongside, in the last few years, the gaming industry has advanced at a rapid pace. Players will experience more realistic, fully immersive simulations on displays and lenses as developers deliver new advancements, and they will be able to engage with others in newer ways.

In my view, these newer technologies will be monetised in different forms by data and technology firms to improve consumer experiences by the creators. The future of video games will be shaped by our desire to create awe-inspiring experiences and increase our opportunities for social interaction and engagement. Also, the PC industry is revolutionizing at a very fast pace with new innovations and technologies. Portability, speed, and compatibility are three important factors driving innovation today and creating a more robust adoption in the industry.

You being a part of ASUS ProArt Creator Lab, what is your experience with this leading platform?

I am excited to be a part of ASUS ProArt Lab, a one-of-a-kind initiative to interact with the youth to learn and contribute towards their growth journey. It is interactive and important for aspiring creators in India today. Such platforms aid in building an entire ecosystem for content creators by imparting holistic learning. It provided the right infrastructure, the right kind of engagement, and the right direction for the talents in fields that are themselves in a nascent stage.

As one of the influencers of the ASUS ProArt Creator Lab, I believe that the most realistic type of learning is being able to practically learn from people and interact with them. I am excited to share my knowledge and experience with budding creators.

How important is online gaming in terms of content creation?

I experiment with different stuff on a daily basis as I grow as an influencer; content is something I am learning over time. When it comes to gaming, online gaming content is critical because it educates your audience on various aspects of the industry. Gaming, in my opinion, is necessary if you want to work in the gaming industry, but there are other types of material you may create that surround gaming. This is precisely what I want to share in detail in the ASUS ProArt Lab. Today gaming has become an important part of the entertainment industry. Consumers like to be engaged and to engage them with good content is the key. Hence it has become vital to provide the audience with high end content and excellent visual graphics to enhance their experience.

How open is the gaming industry for new rookie gamers and what is your suggestion for them to make the best out of this industry?

There is a lot of potential for upcoming gamers, and the industry will see some excellent high-end gamers soon. People nowadays like to watch high-quality content, and the only way to improve is to try and practice daily. Even me and my Hydra-clan teammates started as newbies; so it's never too late to start doing something you enjoy. Many people are getting into this recently, but the only way to stand out is to be consistent and work hard to produce quality content rather than duplicating someone else. It will take some time to figure out what works best for you, but constantly try something new and different.


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