Paree greets MICA female students with the #WelcomeBackParee campaign

Paree, a homegrown sanitary pad brand has always strived to be ahead of the curve when it comes to feminine hygiene. By encouraging conversation around topics such as Heavy Flow and PMS through various campaigns and initiatives, Paree has become instrumental in empowering women to prioritize their health & hygiene. Taking their commitment to the cause, a step further, the brand has joined forces with MICA institute, Ahmedabad, as their Hygiene partner for MICANVAS. MICA is welcoming back its students after 7 months of Lockdown and the women on campus are being greeted with a #WelcomeBackParee campaign wherein the brand has pledged to provide menstrual hygiene essentials to girls coming back to college.

Women Hygiene is an issue that always takes the backseat in many conversations and Paree has made it goal for that to change. The present scenario is an apt canvas for such dialoguing and through this partnership with MICA and #WelcomeBackParee campaign initiative the focus of the brand is to better inform and equip young women to take care of their menstrual and personal hygiene. The thrust of the campaign is to boost open conversations on personal hygiene issues, coupled with trials of menstrual hygiene products.  

Speaking on the idea of this association and the campaign, Sahil Dharia- CEO & Founder of Paree said, “

MICA has been the mecca for young minds that will shape the brands of future. Paree is the brand for a future forward woman and there is no better time to associate with student than this. In the pandemic times, this association underlines the intent of Paree and MICA that they prioritize feminine hygiene needs. The girls at MICA are returning to their hostels after a long gap and we at Paree wanted a good gesture to be waiting for them when they come back. 

Paree has constantly been a driving force in highlighting the importance of menstrual hygiene. The brand believes that periods are much more than just mood swings and cramps, it is about understanding the latent needs and personal comfort issues of women and then prioritizing her well-being.

Paree believes in innovation and wants the women of India to have the best care needs that would not only help them but also meet their end needs in the time of their period. .The brand is committed to positively impact the hygiene and comfort needs of the modern Indian woman and introduce products that add value to her life. Paree with its 3-sec absorption technology has been a disruptor in the women hygiene space with its first-in-market “HeavyFlowChampion” pads and the introduction of varied products across women hygiene category. Paree has continually delivered on its brand promise and stands as an indigenous champion of women in the personal hygiene category.


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