Parle 20-20 busts orthodox thinking in new campaign; eyes No. 1 position by 2019

Parle Products looks to bring about a change in orthodox social values through a series of five TVCs that it has rolled out for its leading cookie brand, Parle 20-20. Conceptualised and crafted by Everest Brand Solutions, the campaign is an honest effort from Parle to showcase everyday situations that today’s youth encounter while dealing with redundant traditional norms. It metaphorically connects forward thinking values to 20-20 cookies by giving full marks, that is, 20 out of 20 to characters that behave positively to unconventional thought process. 

All the five TVCs display an entertaining event involving social situations affecting young adults – a mother encouraging her daughter to dress as she pleases, a father supporting her teenage daughter to travel with boys, a landlord bonding with a potential tenant from another religion, a modern twist to arranged marriage and a real estate agent supporting a live-in couple looking to rent out in the city. Parle’s 20-20 cookie features as an integral part of the narrative, applauding each character that has moved ahead with times and is taking baby steps to gradually change orthodox social values. 

The TVCs will be released in 11 languages and will be sustained through a digital campaign. 

Watch the TVCs: 


Short Dress



Live in couple

 Elaborating on the campaign, Pramod Sharma, Executive Creative Director, Everest Brand Solutions, said that it talks in a very subtle manner about the social events and taboos which the modern society is trying to shed. “The brand rates the forward and contemporary thinking on the yardstick and gives 20 out of 20, which is exactly like the new and improved taste of Parle 20-20 cookies which scores 20 out of 20 in those parameters. We need people with open minds in order to bring about a change in our world. Our campaign aims to salute these people around us who think differently, who are open, who inspire us every day. 

Adding further, he said, “The brief was to create a narrative for today’s youth by keeping Parle 20-20 core values at heart. We have incorporated both these elements with a humorous twist to showcase a progressive society and positioned Parle 20-20 cookies as a reward to those who adapt to positive change easily. The main agenda is to refresh the brand narrative of Parle 20-20 and reinforce the taste superiority. We hope the audience like the TVCs and it makes a good impact towards social change.” 

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Client Speak 

Speaking about the campaign, Mayank Shah, Category Head, Parle Products, said, “Parle 20-20 cookies was created by Parle Products for the young adults. This audience is self-aware and is re-inventing social values to make the world a better place. As we celebrate Parle 20-20’s ten years of existence, we want to appreciate individuals who encounter these young adults and don’t judge them for their choices. We also wanted to build a strong consumer franchise by positioning 20-20 as a brand that supports this new age thought process, which is free of prejudice and extremely inclusive of change.” 

He further said, “When we launched this brand, the idea was to target the youngsters. The TG that we cater to is in the 15-25 age group. While other brands in this product category are primarily talking to the population which is above 25 years, we saw an existing gap in this particular space and thus thought of pitching our brand in that way. Everything that was done around the brand – right from the packaging to the other aspects – was done in keeping this age group in mind.” 

Parle recently relaunched its 20-20 cookies brand with new packaging and improved taste, and wanted to have a different communication strategy. Shah elucidated, “In order to narrate our story in a different way, we thought of using a metaphor for that. This is one product which looks at the masses in terms of quality and hence, we used ‘20 out of 20’. When you say ‘20 out of 20’, it means that the product is 100 per cent good. To convey this unique proposition of the brand, we took a different route. Since our primary TG – the 15-25 age group – has a short attention span, it was a challenge for the brand to retain their attention. You have to be contemporary and add newness and freshness with some upgradation. The most challenging task is to retain the consumer’s attention and loyalty. If innovation doesn’t happen, chances are that you will be off the radar and consideration of the particular TG.” 

He further said, “With this campaign, we not only want our consumers to watch our communication, but also get associated with the products. They should look at our communication very differently. It’s not a regular kind of advertising, where we are just stressing on the best quality of the product; we are also sending out a message and showing in our campaign how things have changed in their lives and how their way of thinking has progressed.” 

“In the latest campaigns, we are talking about some bold instances. We have shown that how people have started looking at things from a different perspective rather than just following the orthodox values and traditions. That’s the reason why we have ‘20 out of 20’ as our tagline. We are appreciating progressive thinking and complementing them with a 20 on 20, because our product is 20 on 20 when it comes on quality,” Shah emphasised. 

Shah also informed that Parle 20-20 is the No. 2 brand in Parle’s portfolio as well as a close No. 2 position in the market in the cookies category, with an annual growth of 6 per cent. “With this, we are expecting leadership position in the market in the cookies category in the next one year,” he affirmed. 

Campaign Credits: 

Client: Parle Products Pvt Ltd

Team: Mayank Shah, Binayak Mitra and Amar Kadam

Agency: Everest Brand Solutions

President: Dhunji Wadia

Chief Creative Officer: Rahul Jauhari

Executive Creative Director: Pramod Sharma

Director: Vivek Daschaudhary

Production House: Elements

Film Head: Harish Mishra

Business Team: Harish Suvarna

Strategy Team: Navonil Chatterjee

Creative Team: Pramod Sharma, Samir Chonkar, Rahul Jauhari

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