Patrika introduces a new editorial column, ‘Spotlight’

Various media coexist in coordination because each one has its own specific advantage. However, with increasing digitization, the speed of information has become extremely fast, almost in real time.  

Newspaper reporting has incurred several changes in the past few years. Traditional norms and practices of news reporting are welcoming new realities of the digital world.

In a better informed world, where any information is a click away, giving out flat news is passé. Readers in today’s times seek perspective, in-depth news analysis, and the impact of the story.

With intense research and a strong urge to always deliver relevant and unbiased news, Rajasthan Patrika has revamped its editorial content. Under its segment 'Spotlight', Patrika reports a 360 coverage of a news story with fresh perspective, significant infographics, comparative analysis, pros and cons, positive and negative impact, logical reasons, benefits and losses and parties at stake. 

Media is like a mirror to the world which reflects the true and harsh realities, and since its trusted by everyone, people deserve to be always delivered with factual and honest news. A flat piece of news can often be misguiding.

Thus, Patrika, under ‘Spotlight’, reports a news story covering every angle and aspect, leaving its readers intrigued yet informed. Understanding the mindset of the new age readers, Patrika not just gives out news under Spotlight, but meticulously explains the background of the news, the present situation and the projected future.

Patrika’s ‘Spotlight’ helps readers gather information they need, in order to make the best possible decisions about their communities, societies, and their government. Its vision to help readers extract maximum information in minimum words is the basis of the latest editorial change!

With its aim to not just update people, but impact people, Rajasthan Patrika stands amongst the top three most trusted newspapers (as per BBC-Reuters survey).The newspaper is respected amongst its readers because of being extremely relevant amongst all age groups and reporting news leaving no stone unturned.


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