Personal branding 101: how to create your personal brand?

Authored by Aarti Sharma, Founder of Thunder Brand Solutions.

The rise of social technologies has encouraged the importance of personal branding among people. From the brand for a corporation to the product and then down for personal, branding has become the crucial factor while making a purchasing decision. Online complaints plus opinions are viewable by a simple search through social networks.

Many people have the misconception that personal branding is only for famous personalities. However, this is not true because every one of us has a great ability to create our brand.

What is the meaning of personal branding?

By definition, personal branding is the general process that helps you in marketing to others. You can quickly build substantial brand equity like that of celebrities or famous corporate brands. The tools of social media have levelled up the playing ground for ordinary people to reach the top. When you have sorted out with your development plans, then you can make a memorable personal brand for achieving your life goals.

Process of creating a perfect personal brand

You can quickly discover your personal brand by first thinking about what you want to share with the world and how you can make success in it. Here are some of the fantastic steps which you can follow for creating your personal brand:

Discover your personal brand:

Many people make a mistake by creating a brand for the sake of competition. They forget to invest proper time in learning what their area of interest is and what can make them excited while discovering a brand. The primary key to achieve success is to follow up with your passion. You must do complete research for figuring out what suits best to your creativity.

Brand discovery is all about researching what you want to do in your life. Then you must settle out the proper goals for achieving it. It is beneficial if you create a development plan along with the personal brand statement after discovering your own brand.

Start building your brand:

Once you have decided what you want to do, then you can start the execution of the plan. You can begin the process by creating a business card and can easily share it through social networks. If you want to create a personal brand on the fashion or social website, then you need to start it with the blog. Those people who are regular with their brand blogs have higher ranks in search engines rather than those who are in action on social sites.

Many people have their profiles on social media networks, but only a few have branded themselves on the sites. However, if you want to create an excellent personal brand, then you need to input some of your personal information like the work experience, gesture picture, and many other things on your social profile.

Create an influencing portfolio

If you want to create an innovative personal brand, then it requires a fantastic online collection. It can work best for web marketers, professionals, designers, writers, and many others, which can tell about your achievements. If you have the best online portfolio, then you can excellent control of the work plus creativity quickly.

Creating an online portfolio is quite different from a personal website. You need to pick the best image or the content for including in your personal brand portfolio. It will help you to showcase your best skills for which many sites are looking for.

  • Why do you need to care about creating your own personal brand?
  • Having your personal brand can help the organizations to find you easily. Many companies get concerned if they do not find out you online.
  • It helps in attracting great opportunities as well as in establishing credibility for your work.
  • It has nothing about selfishness. You can support the organization by following up on your passion.

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