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Perspective | Television Tourism: Is it a start of some new trend

It is a well known that now one can enter the Bigg Boss House by paying Rs. 2000/-indicating how Television Tourism has made progress in India.   Though studio tourism is a common concept internationally, it is undoubtedly one-of-its kind initiative in the history of Indian television, with the stepping stone laid by a leading GEC - Colors. The concept of getting up close and almost personal with a television show, we believe is sure to usher in anxiousness and excitement among the viewers.
In order to know more about this trend setting  initiative Adgully spoke to Raj Nayak, CEO, Colors; Sandeep Dhar, Managing Director, Endemol, industry experts like Sandeep Nagpal; Shailesh Kapoor, Ormax media; Janardhan Pandey, Associate Vice President, DDB Mudramax and some other industry sources to know more about their perspective and their thoughts about the initiative peddled in force by Colors. Also to learn more about their views on this trend and it’s effect on other channels and their properties as well. 
“Indian TV channels derive lot of programming and marketing ideas/formats from overseas markets and consumers adopt them smoothly. This one too is the same case in point. Yes, surely this will become a trend even if it's not an instant hit. I personally believe that this will do well and become an important concept in future,” believes Janardhan Pandey. 
Raj Nayak, really excited about their initiative said, “The whole and sole objective behind this initiative is to make people realize and understand the fact that the show is not all scripted and it takes a lot of time and effort to make a show of the stature of Bigg Boss. Profit is not at all our concern with this step. We have 400 people working on the sets on shifts basis.”
Shailesh Kapoor was of the opinion that, "In India, there hasn't been much exploitation of program brands in terms of licensing and merchandising. The Bigg Boss Tour is a great step in this direction. But we can't see this as a new trend, till we see more shows and channels doing the same. GECs have long-running and successful programs, as well as popular characters, and the idea of using them to generate off-air buzz 
as well as generate additional revenues has immense potential."  
“We have started this initiative but we are not getting presumptuous though we are sure that going forward other channels would also follow this and if the concept allows, we would use the same for other properties of our channel as well,” says Raj Nayak. 
Deepak Dhar says, “We are offering a very exciting step to our fans. You never know with our success this could become a trend. Here the objective is very simple, we are looking at delivering the excitement and unpredictable aspects that come with every episode.” 
On the other hand  Sandeep Nagpal was of a completely different opinion. According to him one example is not enough to set a trend. He says, “I can’t say whether it can be applied elsewhere. 
Earlier when it used too happen with some studios, that was the era when there was no television and people were really excited to be a part of the movies and shows and wanted to know how things happen but now I feel that it won’t be so exciting to see what the contestants are doing in Bigg Boss.”
But the question is, how would such a trend benefit the brand. Explaining this Nayak said, “It will benefit our brand Colors in a big way. ‘Colors’ always wanted to do something that connects it to its viewers not only closely but interestingly.” 
Raj Nayak believes that this step would definitely bring the Colors fan closer to the channel. The initiative, Bigg Boss Tour, would be promoted during the show only. 
One thing assured through this initiative is that the fiction properties already in the limelight will get only more popular making the ‘sneak-peek’ more attractive to viewers. Thumbs up or thumbs down, all that we need to do is wait and watch what happens next! | By Aanchal Kohli [aanchal(at)]



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