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Philips India launches initiatives for prevention of breast cancer

To mark Breast Cancer Week, Philips India announced the Husband Initiated Movement against Breast Cancer (HIM) campaign to raise awareness on prevention of breast cancer by educating husbands about the need to secure their wives’ health. Having reached out to over one crore people, the campaign is running in its 4th year with an aim to popularise breast self-examination and promote the benefits of early detection, by motivating husbands to encourage their wives to undergo breast self –examination. With approximately 1.4 million women being diagnosed with breast cancer and one of every two women dying from it, early detection can significantly improve survival rates.

The HIM campaign, implemented across India, has a multi-pronged approach with the aim of reaching out to women across different socio economic strata. In its endeavour to build awareness around breast cancer and motivate men to encourage their wives to undergo breast self -examination, Philips has joined hands with leading oncologists, opinion leaders, survivors and care providers. The initiative also provides for preventive screening and medical help through the Asha Jyoti and Mamo van projects in select states including Punjab and Kerala. The Asha Jyoti project running for the past 3 years has screened approximately 10,000 women for Breast Cancer. In addition, Philips community centres in urban slums will also spread awareness through special sessions by doctors and Street plays. The campaign will also address the role of food and lifestyle in preventing cancer.

Mr V Raja, Head of Healthcare, Philips India said that “Breast cancer is the second most common cancer among women. An increasing numbers of patients are in the 25 to 40 years of age, which is a disturbing trend. For a woman family concerns take precedence and her own health becomes the last priority. That is why we decided to involve husbands in this awareness initiative. It is our aim to reach the maximum number of women across various strata of society.”

Philips has also initiated an online petition on encouraging husbands to pledge their support to their wives for breast cancer prevention. The petition can be accessed here.



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