Pillsbury Pancakes bring its quick snacks Choco Chip and Funfetti to India

General Mills India – a part of the US-based Fortune 500 Company, General Mills, Inc. announced the launch of its ready to cook (RTC), two minutes Pillsbury Pancakes portfolio in India. The launch of the Pillsbury brand in the country closely follows General Mills India’s continued efforts to tap into the growing need for quick snacks among young moms for their children. The Pillsbury Pancakes come in two variants – Choco Chip and Funfetti. The 2 minutes Pillsbury Pancake snack variants are priced at INR 99 for a 165 gram pack and INR 250 for a 400 gram pack respectively.

The Choco Chip and Funfetti Pancakes aim to cater to the young moms. Young moms are often faced with difficult choices when it comes to finding the right and easy to make snacking options for their children. Currently, there is an unaddressed demand for quick yet delicious snacking options in India. With the launch of the Pillsbury Pancakes, General Mills India looks to flip the way kids consume snacks and equip young moms with new snacking options.

Commenting on the launch, Mr. Anindya Kundu, Executive Director at General Mills India said, “It is our constant endeavour to ‘Make Food the World Loves’. The launch of the Choco Chip and Funfetti Pancakes under the Pillsbury brand is a natural step in our efforts to continue to delight our consumers in India. We are sure that the new quick snack options will become kid’s favourite everyday snack, helping young moms find the right options for their children.” The Choco Chip and Funfetti Pancakes are also available on Amazon, Big Basket, Milk Basket, Super Daily, Grofers and Flipkart.

The fast pace lives of young mothers, particularly in urban settings, have necessitated the need for convenient yet delicious snacking options. With the launch of the Choco Chip and Funfetti Pancakes, Pillsburry would seek to address this gap.

“The rise in demand for RTC snack category will further help the Pillsbury brand create its own space in the market. With General Mills legacy and brand loyalty, we are certain that the Pillsbury brand will be able to command a sizable market share in this category, added Mr. Kundu. The RTC segment in India is currently estimated at INR 1,900 crore and has seen a nearly 61 percent increase during the pandemic, according to a study by RedSeer Consulting.

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