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Playing Chess is now a Wow Experience

Moving chess pieces around a chess board has more permutations than atoms in the  observable universe. An art, the science of logic, and one of the most underrated sports – that’s chess for you. Having found roots earlier than 600AD, chess has been adapted from a  game of Indian origin called "Chaturanga". 

So what makes this unassuming 64-squared sport a global phenomenon? For starters, it’s a  battle of intelligence, strategy, and patience that tickles the imagination of the intellect. It’s  the skills of imagination and intuition that ignite the creative mind and have the potential to  hold even an untrained audience captive. Researchers discovered evidence that the game,  which tests memory, math, visual-spatial skills, and critical thinking, may help prevent  cognitive decline and delay the consequences of dementia. Unlike other sports, it is an  inclusive game that transcends all barriers of age, resources, and education. 

The advent of the internet has fueled the mass appeal of chess. With the growth of the gaming  industry and online chess, chess has evolved from an intellectual activity to become a  relaxing recreation that’s becoming more fun and exciting with new formats of play. Online  chess is a welcome distraction from social media, allowing you to compete with strangers  across the globe, interact and learn at your pace. 

There is significant effort being put in by the global community to increase the purview of  chess today. The Chess Olympiad is one such endeavour, the most prestigious event on the  FIDE global calendar, a biennial chess tournament in which teams representing nations  around the world compete. India was crowned co-champions along with Russia in the last  event in 2020. This year marks the 44th Chess Olympiad that begins on the 28th of July 2022  and is being held in India.

Today, chess's prominence is skyrocketing, and WowChess is the torchbearer on that front. A  ‘Made in India, for the World’ endeavour, it aims to facelift chess as a fun, brainy game. It is  fast becoming the ultimate destination for exciting and different forms of chess competitions,  tournaments, and gameplay. Through innovations, particularly tournaments in various time  forms, it offers a thrilling platform to lakhs of players in India and millions across the world  to engage, play, and excel. With a one-of-a-kind model, chess players can compete in  diverse-format chess tournaments and build a buzzing community for chess-lovers to explore  new game play, including chess puzzles, stories, and an opportunity to win hundreds of  exciting prizes. Currently available only for Indian players, it is soon to see a global launch,  allowing players across the globe to compete, learn, and enjoy their platform. 

Gaurav Gaggar, co-founder of WowChess and previously (Adda52), India’s first online poker  site, said, "With an estimated 1 billion people who know how to play chess globally, 100  million are estimated to be in India." The gaming industry is growing by leaps and bounds,  and WowChess is making big strides in its niche. It is the first India-focussed chess app that  localises the sport by making information available to users in their local language and  making a deep penetration into the Indian market. " 

He further added, "Our technology is key to re-inventing chess in India." We offer innovative  gameplay through our digital-first IPs and are also the first to conduct competitions with an  entry fee and exciting prizes. With the key motivation to make chess a household sport in  India, we aspire to give our users a fair chance to compete, build better skills through our  exciting deliverables, and also get recognised on the global platform. 



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