PNB Housing Finance unveils Diwali campaign film

Diwali is a time of celebrations and togetherness. It is also a time of doing up our homes and bringing joy home in the form of things we have long desired. But what if that joy is in the form of a new home itself? It is this very feeling that PNB Housing Finance captures in its novel campaign for Diwali.  As part of its new ‘Apne ghar wali Diwali’ campaign, PNB Housing Finance has rolled out a short film that appeals to people instinctively during this season of festive cheer.

Every year as Diwali approaches, there is anticipation in every home “Iss Diwali hum ghar ke liye kya le rahe hain?” (What are we buying for the home this Diwali?). The campaign film begins with a family excitedly contemplating this very question as Diwali approaches.

Diwali shopping confusion builds up as each family member has his/her preference. Quickly, every family member chips in with his/her suggestions, pushing for what he/she wants, at times disguised as what the family needs while some use their veto power to reject other proposals and put forward their own suggestion.
As the conversation builds up, it is the grandmother who comes up with the mic drop moment when she suggests that instead of buying little things to improve their home, why not buy a home of their own this Diwali? The entire family is immediately taken aback by the simplicity of the suggestion, as well as the immense joy this will bring all of them. The film ends with the family all dressed up, welcoming Diwali in their new home. 

The situation and the characters make for an engaging film and the brand connect, while presented slickly, has been consciously maintained at a subtle level. The film showcases that the ‘Apne ghar wali Diwali’ campaign effectively and uniquely conveys how home loans from PNB Housing Finance will make this Diwali more special for customers. Also, it highlights PNB Housing Finance’s vision to fulfil everyone’s lifelong dream of owning their own house by providing home loans at attractive interest rates and with longer tenures.


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