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"Polycab has enhanced its digital presence in rural & Tier 2-3 markets"

Polycab India Ltd, a leading FMEG (Fast Moving Electrical Goods) brand, recently rolled out its new Masterbrand campaign featuring actor and youth icon Ayushmann Khurrana. The campaign takes the musical route to capture the experiential essence of being liberated and joyous as felt by consumers upon using Polycab range of products.

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The new campaign seamlessly encompasses an array of Polycab’s distinguished consumer-centric products ranging from LED Lights, Fans, Smart Home-Automation, Green Wires to Cables, while keeping the viewer engrossed with the upbeat, music-and-shuffle dance-driven youthful narrative. The new campaign seamlessly encompasses an array of Polycab’s distinguished consumer-centric products ranging from LED Lights, Fans, Smart Home-Automation, Green Wires to Cables, while keeping the viewer engrossed with the upbeat, music-and-shuffle dance-driven youthful narrative.

Speaking to Adgully for the Talking Insights column, Nilesh Malani, President and Chief Marketing Officer, Polycab India Ltd, elaborates on the new campaign, choice of Ayushmann Khurrana as the brand ambassador, enhancing digital presence in rural and Tier 2-3 markets, consumer engagement strategy and more.

A category like fans and LED lights are highly competitive and there are many players from the unorganised sector as well. How are you differentiating your products to get into the consideration set?

While the inherent aspects offered by products such as LED and fans might appear similar, however at Polycab, our approach is to stand out distinctly from the crowd and place our proposition based on elements of aesthetics, design, and style over and above basic consumer benefits. For instance, our range of Purocoat fans offer NANOVA technology and are best ceiling fans with 4-in-1 Protection. (Anti-rust, Anti-dust, Anti-fade, Anti-Bacteria). Similarly, our Superia range of super premium fans offer multiple features such as aura LED, anti-rust body, stay-cool motor, higher air coverage, robust motor and are equipped with max air technology.

As part of our LED product line, we offer Smart LED and Emergency bulbs that are designed with new-age features such as Bluetooth-enabled, color& temperature changing capabilities, allow remote-controlled based navigation and energy-saving mode. We also have range of smart Panel LEDs.

Furthermore, we have also resorted to providing consumers with phygital experiences by setting up Polycab Galleria Knowledge Centers and Polycab Arena (Shop-in-shop) stores in multiple cities.

Thus, the fundamental brand promise is to establish a long-term connect with end consumer that remains intact for generations to come.

What is the objective of your new ad film? How have you positioned the brand in the cluttered market and who is your target audience?

Our thought behind the latest ‘Dance of Joy’ Polycab Masterbrand campaign is to creatively capture the feeling of being liberated and joyous experienced by consumers upon using Polycab range of products such as LED Lights, Fans, Smart Home-Automation, Green Wires and Cables. The musical note and dance grooves make it much more engaging with the millennial and young generation who are the primary target audience.

As mentioned earlier, rather than competing as me-too products, we have rather upped the scale and positioned our brand promise on offering enriched experiences lasting for generations.

You have moved to a younger celebrity – Ayushmann Khurana – from your earlier celeb endorser, Paresh Rawal. What prompted you to take this decision and why do you feel he is the right fit for the Polycab brand?

Our association with Paresh Rawal was beneficial and it has delivered our brand objectives that were set during our journey together. The aura and persona carried by Paresh Rawal as a celebrity has its own distinct identity that enthralls his huge fan following.

While we continue to applaud him from the fence, as a brand we are in a continuous journey of evolution. With changing consumer demographics in general and increased role of millennials and young generation, we felt the need to capture the joyful, energetic, young traits exhibited by this segment. Bollywood actor Ayushmann Khurrana was, therefore, roped in two years back as he is perfect brand fit for Polycab India, an electrical solution company.

Polycab is a new brand that has entered the FMEG market. How did you navigate during the pandemic and what has been your strategy for Tier 2 and 3 towns, where there is good demand for electrical goods and brands?

One core value that remains intrinsic to brand Polycab is consumer-centricity and even as we step into our 25th year of brand establishment, this inherent urge to match up to client expectations continues unabated. Also, it is this brand trait that has helped us manage our stronghold in our conventional areas of business involving wires and cables.

We believe that as an electrical solutions company, it is a logical extension to serve the FMEG markets with our wide range of Fans, LED bulbs, Switches and Smart Home Automation Solutions, Home Wires. Providing consumers with phygital experiences by setting up multiple Polycab Galleria Knowledge Centers that aim to offer innovative engagement modes with key stakeholders, namely consumers, electricians, electric consultants, architects, and builders. In contrast to general industry conventions, we have set our Galleria centers as pure-play engagement outlets. This is a distinct marketing avenue conceptualised by Polycab.

Additionally, we have enhanced our digital presence in rural along with Tier 2-3 markets, where Internet usage is growing rapidly. Our physical world retail presence spans over 165,000 retailers connecting us to consumers and over 4,100+ authorised distributors and dealers across the country.

Overall, our consistent endeavour is to empower the consumers and stakeholders with the brand promise offered by Polycab, that is, of staying connected for lifelong.

What’s your engagement strategy with your audience? How do you plan to leverage the new film with Ayushmaan Khurrana to get maximum mileage?

We have devised a holistic and balanced media mix to reach out to our target audience. It involves buying advertisement space on various channels across genres, digital and social media platforms.

We had also bought premium space in the recently concluded India-New Zealand T20 series.

On social media, we plan to have engaging content for end consumers. Moreover, for our retail network, the campaign will be prominently visible via marketing collaterals and in shop branding.

Our aim is to capture wide stakeholder attention, and though the campaign invoke the highest orders of joyfulness and happiness in the minds of Indian consumers.


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