Porus sets its footprints all across the globe

India's first ever 'global series' based on the greatest battle fought between Alexander the Great and King Porus created by Siddharth Kumar Tewary is setting its footprints all across the globe. For the first time ever Macedonians will be watching Alexander's story by an Indian creator! Porus, which has already been receiving worldwide appreciation, has now been licensed in Macedonia bringing it to a full circle as it is the birthplace of the conqueror & King Alexander the Great. 
After putting Indian television on the world map syndicating a show which highlighted the glorious days of India & it's rich culture & heritage, to 11 countries & 14 territories, One Life Studios a subsidiary of Swastik productions, one of India's leading production house, has syndicated Porus in Macedonia.  Porus depicts the story of Alexander and his journey towards India which culminates into the great battle of Hydaspus in 326 BC where Porus, the Indian King, stopped Alexander from entering India.  Ultimately, Alexander won the battle and yet lost the war as he was forced to return back and couldn't invade India. 
Writer, director, and producer Siddharth Kumar Tewary's vision, interpretations and depictions have been unique and hence appreciated by entertainment consumers worldwide, especially with his global series Porus. Siddharth most recently won The Best Director Award at the prestigious 23rd Asian TV Awards which were held in Malaysia for Porus besides having won numerous awards in the last year globally. Porus was the first Indian show to be syndicated to Hulu Japan recently, and now with the development in Macedonia makes Porus one of the biggest shows internationally! 
Managing director, Rahul Kumar Tewary shares light on this new development and says, "In Indian shows there's hardly ever a portrayal of a foreign land. For the first time we showed the journey of Alexander the great, and viewers all across have loved it. With “Porus” we have tried to break boundaries and we are glad that this series now enters the land of Alexander. Undoubtedly, one of the greatest and known warriors of his time, I am sure the people of Macedonia will enjoy the story of his last battle with Indian King Porus."

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