Practically Skyrocketed to 1 Million Installs with the 'Scan Anything' Feature


  • To launch the unique AI led ‘Scan Anything’ feature for Indian consumers
  • Establish the narrative of being the world’s first EdTech to launch this feature 
  • Create awareness about the feature and build a connect with consumers showcasing its ease of usage
  • Increase app installations, engagement, and feature acceptance.


Practically is the first and the only EdTech company in the world to introduce ‘Scan Anything’ innovative feature, which brings learning alive from books and everyday objects around us. Scan Anything, a new revolutionary, cutting-edge feature supported by Artificial Intelligence identifies objects scanned by the phone camera and lists results from its vast content library of 3000+ 3D videos, 1000+ simulations experiences and 30,000 3D models, sorted by a student’s curriculum and grade. 

The ‘Scan Anything’ feature can recognize pictures, questions, exercises, proofs etc. from textbooks, magazines, newspapers including capturing images of any surrounding objects and present linked curriculum learning information on the app for the learners to pick their learning journey and resolve doubts instantly. 

The feature encourages students to learn from their surroundings while rendering a truly immersive learning experience from everyday objects and helps them understand how the learning from their curriculum is tied to everyday observations. The dynamic feature covers course content from textbooks of grades 6-10th across major boards like NCERT, CBSE and state boards of AP, Telangana, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, and Uttar Pradesh. The course content is expected to cover all other major boards and 11 & 12 grades’ content by the end of 2021.


The TG for the campaign were the students of 6-12 grades and their parents. Consumers and customers are different in EdTech, so the marketing challenge is always to create a campaign that appeals to both sets of audiences. The other challenge was communication in a cluttered market, given the amount of SOV by competition in this space of late. Hence the challenge was also to develop communication that breaks the clutter and gets noticed and finally, Practically had to do justice to the Scan Anything feature not just in terms of creating awareness about the feature but also the claim that it’s first by an EdTech company. Given its an experiential feature, one also had to overcome the demo challenge, especially without on ground activations, to showcase the revolutionary feature. And this had to be achieved in a limited budget.


This revolutionary feature in India had to be introduced to the market in a manner that one not only generates awareness but also uses the medium to demonstrate its experiential capabilities. The entire campaign was meticulously planned in four phases starting from teaser to launch, post-launch and sustenance. Each stage of the campaign was timed in a manner that all mediums of communication seamlessly continued to contribute to generating a high brand recall through interesting content and also drive engagement, without fatigue setting in.


The entire campaign communication was developed to get the perfect balance of keeping the campaign look & feel to reflect the world-class tech and product offering as the hero and at the same time appeal to Practically’s target audience which likes to see communication that is light, snackable and fun. To make the feature believable and showcase its robustness, the team designed the print ad in a manner that users could try out this innovative feature straight out of the ad. A well-oiled integrated marketing campaign, sans TV was deployed and with robust print, social and influencer support the KPIs were well achieved in time.


  • Practically Scan Anything campaign launched on Digital

The campaign opened with a round of teasers on social media on the 6th of September 2021. On the 13th of September, the digital campaign kickstarted with the launch of two films on YouTube - Scan Anything Video1 and Video2 The hashtag #StopSearchingStartScanning was introduced, and the films centered around the new feature of the app “tech as the hero” showcasing the benefits and the ease of usage. Posts on social media were crafted around introducing the feature, showcasing benefits and use cases to educate the users on the same.

  • Simultaneous Press Release Outreach

A national press release was dissemination around the campaign proposition of #StopSearchingStartScanning that appeared in top mainlines from Times of India to Business World Education on 13th September as well further accelerating visibility for the overall campaign

  • National Print Campaign Activated

This was aligned with a robust national print campaign. Print ads every week for 3 weeks in leading national and regional dailies were planned to drive awareness and credibility. There was 65+ insertions. The advertising content was uniquely designed to make people engage with the feature. People could scan and experience the feature at the tap of a button which drove the virality of the campaign. On 29th September, 2 weeks into the campaign alongside the second print insertion, #ScanAnythingPractically trended at #4 on Twitter

  • Social Media Influencer Strategy

A robust influencer plan with a mix of celebs, micro and macro influencers at a pan India level was also executed to create buzz on the social media. All of it ensured that the campaign became a resounding success and exceeded the objective it was intended for.


  • From 4L downloads before the campaign in just over 3 weeks the app crossed the dream 1Mn milestone, an indication of the feature/product acceptance and marketing impact.
  •  On an average, the feature is getting 10-15k scans everyday with the highest being recorded at 33k on the day of the first print ad. Total Scans till date have been over 7 Lakhs
  • The audience reach via the Influencer campaign was over 6M
  • #ScanAnythingPractically trended at #4 on Twitter on September 29, 2021 showcasing the virality of the campaign
  • All the in-app metrics (MAU, DAU) have witnessed exponential growth and Practically recently hit a new high of more than 2L MAU.
  • Practically has also seen a 2X growth in terms of search volumes
  • Practically app also broke in the ‘Top 10 education apps in India’ on Google Play store during the campaign

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