Pre-roll ads are successful in generating viewer's interest: Nielsen - Vdopia Survey

Pre-load ads”ads served while a site visitor is waiting for a chosen video to load”are successful in generating viewer interest, says a recent survey on the perception of pre-load ads by The Nielsen Company.

The survey conducted from October to December 2010 polled 424 visitors to the publisher sites that Vdopia is partnering with for pre-load ads.

58 percent of respondents recall seeing pre-load ads. 83 percent of respondents who recall seeing pre-load video ads say they have clicked at least once on a pre-load ad and a significant 54 percent of them, more than once. In addition, 78 percent of them say they have replayed a pre-load video ad at least once. Importantly, 69 percent of these respondents think pre-load video ads are interesting.

"Acceptability of pre-load ads is high among those who recall seeing them and so is their engagement and enjoyment level", says Farshad Family, Managing Director, Nielsen Media - India, adding, "A significant majority (87 percent) of those who recall seeing pre-roll video ads are not averse to watching them."

The survey also reveals heavy internet usage by online video viewers. Entertainment and movie videos were most popular. The hunger for entertainment represents the primary reason for online video viewing. "65 percent of video viewers surveyed browse internet for more than an hour everyday, 45 percent of them spend more than 30 minutes a day on online videos. Consumers are evolving. Consumption of online streaming is growing. What's fascinating is that the Nielsen findings provide all the more reasons for marketers to continue building brand ecosystems around pre-load video ads", says Debadutta Upadhyaya, Vice President'India, Vdopia.


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