Prega News salutes indomitable spirit of Moms in new campaign

Prega News’ latest film is a tribute to another kind of frontline superheroes - our moms, who have kept us safe, happy and healthy in these uncertain times

As the pandemic spread and fear gripped us, it became even more difficult for moms. But as always, we saw them coming out stronger and more determined than ever before. Sure, they were working from home, but they were also working for the home. From morning routines and meal fixes to handling baby duties between the work calls - they did it all and with such finesse that it almost blended in. Moreover, they worked extra hard to keep families safe and ensured that they were protected at all times, even if it came at the cost of her own time and health. Tirelessly working round the clock and with a smile on their face - it’s hard to believe there’s anything the moms cannot do.

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And as we continue to battle challenges, it’s almost been a year and looks like there’s still a long way ahead. But even a soldier needs to rest before resuming duties - so do our moms. Prega News’ latest initiative #SundayIsMomDay is a step towards a happier and healthier tomorrow and spreads an impactful message for all families out there. By taking over household duties for one day in a week, we can actually give the moms a much needed day of rest and relaxation.

It’s not Women’s Day, it’s not Mother’s Day, it’s just another day to acknowledge and appreciate all that mothers do. As mothers, women are always running or working round the clock and without any breaks. Not to mention juggling work alongside it all. While people do appreciate the role, they barely realize the enormity of the same.

What we see in the video is a normal day in the life of a woman who’s a wife, a mother and also a daughter-in-law. While the film moves smoothly between the shots, one can almost be fooled that it’s a normal everyday video - till the observant little girl notices all that the woman does in a day. And rightly points out how working from home for the mother is not the same as everyone else. And that’s where she comes up with the idea of #SundayIsMomDay.

With this powerful messaging, Prega News strikes a chord with all families and moms out there, a feat that is the rightful successor after their other social-message evoking films on gender equality, equality of motherhood experience for all and a series of films involving fathers in the parenthood journey.

Prega News, with their latest film, urges families to celebrate #SundayIsMomDay as a gesture of love and thanks for all that the moms do for us. To sum up as Mr. Rajeev Juneja, CEO of Mankind Pharma Limited puts it, “We have always believed in the strength of moms but this pandemic has seen them emerge as superheroes - who juggled work, household, kids and all the while with a smile on their faces. Whether they are doctors, frontline warriors or even stay-at-home moms, this pandemic has shown us the true unbeatable spirit of moms, who worked tirelessly through these times to keep the families safe and sound. Our film is a small ‘Thank You’ gesture and through this we aim to raise awareness about the hard work moms do and how we can help make things a little easier for them.” The film is ideated and produced by ADK Fortune and is being amplified by Team Pumpkin, who were recently awarded the digital mandate for Prega News. Watch it below:


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