Prerna Aggarwal on the efficacy of hyperlocal digital marketing strategy

Authored by Prerna Aggarwal

In the modern world, digital marketing strategies are driving business success by satisfying potential customers' needs, creating a better brand presence, and generating more market leads. As per a study by IMARC Group, the digital marketing market is expected to reach US$ 141.7 Billion by 2027 with a CAGR of 16.4% during 2022-2027.

 What makes hyperlocal digital marketing unique?

Technology is shaping the way consumers search and interact with the businesses around them, and it has been noticed that many users now expect local search results to take precedence over wider results. There has been a considerable shift in consumer attitudes towards searching businesses by using location services which can be utilized to provide more relevant and accurate results. According to data published by Google, the number of searches related to “near me” and “where to buy” has increased by over 200% in the last few years. Using real-time geolocation tracking, the location of the users affects the results automatically.

Hyperlocal digital marketing strategy makes it easier to generate appeal in smaller demography and its desires and needs. This enables an action-oriented approach towards the product which lets the consumers call or visit the product and service in real-time. It is worth noting that 88% of customers are likely to make decisions considering local reviews and personal recommendations. The technique, also help brands to understand the requirement and interest of niche demographics and accordingly, offer products as per the local taste and preference.

Benefits of Hyperlocal digital marketing

  • Banking on originality: Hyperlocal digital marketing works just like the advertisements in local newspapers and flyers that are delivered directly to homes. This style of niche marketing creates a much-intended result as it enables customers to meet their requirements easily
  • Target prospective consumers in neighborhood: Hyperlocal digital marketing helps to target consumers of specific geographic location and enable brands to offer products and services as per the local taste and preference of the consumers.
  • Increase in ROI: This helps the brands to generate more return on investment as people can reach the businesses almost every day. The local ranking of the brands gets boosted due to improved online reviews which leads to a better brand presence in the area. People will easily take notice of the brand when it features on top of Google Ads or search results.
  • Better media attention: By the hyperlocal strategy, brands can garner better media attention which helps in building brand awareness and credibility. People can recognize the brand faster and can understand what exactly it is selling.

How this Strategy is Driving Overall Marketing Success

Brands are increasingly leveraging hyperlocal digital marketing strategy as the search methodologies have been modified to include real-time geotargeting. As a result, people are getting directed to their nearest services and locations by default.

Eliminating Proximity

Hyperlocal digital marketing aims to eliminate the distance between the user and a local business. This becomes a major factor determining Google’s My Business ranking signal because Google takes distance into priority while showing results.

Generating Better Customer Reviews

Hyperlocal marketing, reviews and customer testimonials help in better word-of-mouth for the business. If anyone is looking for a new restaurant or a footwear shop nearby, it is highly likely that the individual will consider online reviews before making a final decision to shop there. In overall marketing, the hyperlocal strategy creates a positive impression of the business.

Customized Content Creation

It becomes advantageous to personalize the marketing campaigns according to the local requirement and their feedback. This strategy can be used to create informational content in the form of educational blogs, articles, and infographics to retain customer engagement over a long period of time. In this way, it helps businesses to focus on products that are selling in an area according to the local tastes of a particular demography.

Refined Audience Segmentation

The target audience can be adjusted down to minute levels like to individual, neighborhood, not entire cities, or metropolitan areas.  Advanced tools help segregate using numerical values to keep the message uniform and relevant across the targeted areas.


With the ever-changing times, technology has evolved so much that marketers can now target customers in their vicinity without taking too much of time or budget. It enables brands to acknowledge the need and demand of the consumers without even directly interacting with them. It further help brands to target consumers, carve strategy, and offer products and services as per local taste and preference. On the other hand, customers can opt for a variety of services available in a geographically limited area and take an informed decision. The increase in “near me” searches lead to the popularity of hyperlocal marketing in the past several years. Hyperlocal digital marketing strategy, as a smart business tool, has become incremental in the overall marketing success of the business.


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