Print ad space up by 32% in H1 2022, compared to H1 2021: TAM AdEx

Ad Space per publication in H1 of 2022 grew by 90% compared to H1 of 2020, a per TAM AdEx’s comparative analysis of print advertising in Jan-Jun’22 versus Jan-Jun’21. In H1 2022, ad space increased by 32% over the corresponding period in 2021.

The Services sector dominated with 16% of the ad space share in Print medium, followed by Education with 13% share. The Top 3 sectors together accounted for nearly 40% share of the Ad Space in Print. Advertising for the Cars category topped in dailies during H1 of 2022. The Top 10 categories together accounted for 35% share of the Ad Space in Print. Six out of the top 10 categories moved up in ranking during Jan-Jun’22. Only Cars and Coaching/ Competitive Exam Centre categories maintain their ranks in H1 of Y 2021-22. Two out of the Top 10 categories were from Auto, Retail and Education sectors each.

The Top 10 Advertisers contributed 17% share of Ad Space in Print. SBS Biotech topped the advertisers’ list in Print, followed by Maruti Suzuki India. Six of the Top 10 advertisers from Jan-Jun’21 were still in the Top 10 of Jan-Jun’22. The rankings of Patanjali and Ruchi Soya shot up to the top 10 list of Jan-Jun’22, compared to Jan-Jan’21. Top 10 of Jan-Jun’22 saw four new advertisers.

The Top 10 Brands contributed 6% share of the Print Ad Space. Fiitjee was the top brand in Print during Jan-Jun’22, followed by LIC-IPO. During Jan-Jun’22, there were a total of 103K+ brands that advertised in Print. Among the Top 10, four brands were from the Personal Healthcare sector, while 2 brands were from the BFSI Sector.

Over 400 Categories registered positive growth in H1 of 2022. Properties/ Real Estates saw the highest ad space growth, that is, 52% increase, followed by Retail Outlets-Jewellers which grew by 86% between Jan-Jun’22 and Jan-Jun’21. In terms of growth %, Branded Jewellery category witnessed highest growth % among the Top 10, that is, 2.8 times in the Jan-Jun’22 period.

Over 54K advertisers and 70K+ brands exclusively advertised during Jan-Jun’22 in Print, compared to Jan-Jun’21. BC Hasaram & Sons and LIC-IPO were the top exclusive advertiser and brand, respectively, in Jan-Jun’22, compared to Jan-Jun’21.

Sales Promotion advertising covered 28% share of the Ad Space in Print during Jan-Jun’22. Among Sales Promotions, Multiple Promotion was on top with 43% share of the Ad Space, followed by Discount Promotion with 37% share. The Top 2 promotions solely covered more than 75% share of the Ad Space during Jan-Jun’22.


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