Public Media Solution helps Healthcare Institutions boost their turnovers

“Healthcare” and “marketing” are two terms that are rarely used together. While the healthcare sector is often perceived as a group of doctors and medical professionals working with almost a charitable intent. On the other hand, marketing is all about building a brand and boosting the bottom line.

Public Media Solution breaks this clutter by offering healthcare marketing services to doctors, hospitals, pharmacists, suppliers, and everyone working in the country’s healthcare sector. Known for its branding  and  marketing consultancy, the company ventured into healthcare marketing not more than two years ago.

Ravinder Bharti (Ravi), the founder and CEO of Public Media Solution, built a team of skilled marketers and branding professionals to handle the digital assets of doctors and healthcare institutions of all scales. From smaller clinics to multispecialty hospitals, Public Media Solution has built a portfolio of multiple clients operating (and now thriving) in a sector that isn’t known for its marketing abilities.

Boosting A Cardiac Hospital’s Turnover To ₹55 Crores per month

Ravi and his team of marketers have built several targeted marketing campaigns to boost their clients’ revenue, the most successful venture being with a noted cardiac hospital. India has been struggling with heart-related diseases for several years, with more and more patients falling prey to issues like heart attacks and cardiac arrests.

A chain of cardiac care facilities struggled with reaching out to its audience and spreading awareness about cardiac health. Despite having centers in multiple Indian cities, the hospital intended to make quality cardiac care available to tier 2 and tier 3 cities.

Understanding the medical institution’s problem, Public Media Solution created an extensive marketing campaign comprising traditional and new media. As a good chunk of the Indian population living in tier 2 and tier 3 cities is still an active consumer of traditional media, the marketing company decided to reach them accordingly.

This resulted in a boost in the number of consultations and queries received by all facilities across the country. From online leads to offline visits, the marketing company gave the medical institution the traction it was looking for. After the successful implementation of the campaign, the cardiac hospital managed to increase its monthly turnover to ₹55 crores.

Helping An Orthopedic Hospital Touch The 1 Crore Milestone per month

Another fruitful healthcare marketing venture of Public Media Solution involves an orthopedic hospital struggling with limited reach. The institution had a hard time reaching its target audience and making them aware of its services.

Considering this issue, Ravi and his team ran an extensive local SEO campaign to target the audience residing in the same city. The content marketing team focused on creating organic and engaging content equipped with SEO-friendly keywords. While the hospital’s website was enhanced to crawl better on SERPs (search engine results pages), its Google Business Profile was optimized for local traction.

A few months of targeted marketing campaign allowed the orthopedic hospital to increase its monthly turnover to 1 crore, helping the organization reach a new milestone in its journey of offering ortho care.

Conveying The Essence Of Homeopathy

Homeopathy often receives flak and is overshadowed by conventional allopathy. This affects genuine and skilled homeopathy doctors who have dedicated years being trained in the “alternative science.” Another feather in the cap of Public Media Solution is the campaign it created for a noted homeopathy doctor in Pune.

Despite his clinic’s popularity, the homeopathy specialist struggled to convince the masses about the inherent benefits of homeopathic treatment. Keeping the doctor’s impressive track record as the base, Ravi’s team created a digital marketing and PR campaign to convey the essence of homeopathy. The focus of this campaign was to market the doctor’s services and make people aware of homeopathy’s relevance today.

Numerous events were organized and covered by leading media houses, where the doctor discussed the efficacy of homeopathic treatment and how it ensures the physical and mental well-being of patients. Extensive local and national coverage, coupled with organic content marketing across multiple platforms, helped the homeopathy doctor to clock in a monthly turnover of 60 lacs. Due to the message being conveyed effectively, the doctor and his clinic started receiving inquiries and consultation requests regarding the treatment of multiple diseases.

Pushing The Marketing Envelope

Along with handling the digital assets of his clients in the healthcare sector, Mr. Ravinder Bharti intends to leverage the overall marketing landscape of the country. Considering marketing to be an art more than a science, he wishes his team to explore new horizons by catering to sectors that aren’t traditionally associated with marketing.

“Doctors need to pay their bills, and hospitals need to be kept in tune with the modern trends. Although providing medical care should be the utmost priority of the healthcare sector, sustainability should be a close second. Our healthcare marketing services help us tap into the potential skilled doctors in our country have, helping them ensure that their patients lead healthy and happy lives,” concludes Ravi.


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