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RainMan launches product on marketing scenario planner

Marketing analytic insights can now be put in action on a continuous period, by capturing the market dynamics.  Marketing analytics powerhouse, RainMan consulting  has announced the launch of its web enabled scenario planner product called “RainBoard”, that will help marketers to create various scenarios of their strategies and predict the outcome of each. Marketers thus can implement the best possible scenario, that is created on a  scientific basis for positive outcomes. The  engine of this product is the marketing analytics that is created by RainMan for any brand and using its insights, marketers can carry out forward planning on a continuous basis.  Since it is a web enabled platform the marketing team can use this with much ease.

According to Manoj Tadepalli, co founder of RainMan, “ The key to successfully implementing models and its insights over time is to keep validating them over time. RainBoard allows this by integrating the modeller’s latest with the client team, who can then build predictions for all possible scenarios before taking appropriate action in the market”

V. Balasubramanium, co founder of RainMan says “ Our belief is that analytics is not one off exercise. The outcome of analytics should be used continuously and the engine should get updated with the changing market situations. Rainboard has been created on this philosophy.  It took more than one year for us to develop this world class product, the beauty of which is that it integrates with our benchmarking product so that clients work on realistic marketing scenarios for positive outcome”

All retainer clients of RainMan will get access to this product.


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