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Rajasthan Hai Taiyyar': Rediffusion Y & R's latest campaign on Resurgent Rajasthan Partnership Summit with Brand Ambassador Irrfan Khan.

Government of Rajasthan has released a campaign to promote its mega investment event, “The Resurgent Rajasthan Partnership Summit” on 19-20 November 2015. This event will be held in Jaipur and this initiative is to project Rajasthan as an investment destination, offering innumerable opportunities for the investor to partner and grow with the State. Basis their positioning statement of “Delivering Dream, Sharing Prosperity”, Rediffusion Y&R came up with the campaign “Rajasthan Hai Taiyyar”.

The core message of the campaign has been inspired by Rajasthan’s honorable Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje’s vision of seeing Rajasthan as a state that delivers a better future to its people; a future in which every person is free, where everyone has an access to life-changing opportunities, where growth and prosperity are shared by all and where every child is protected and safe. In the Chief Minister’s words “This is our dream; this is our promise; this is what we offer and will deliver.”

Irrfan Khan, who originally hails from Rajasthan has been roped in as the state ambassador & plays an important role in the communication campaign in all the films. Out of the 7 films, the first 3 are teasers that aim at generating curiosity amongst viewers about expecting something huge happening in Rajasthan, followed by a 60 sec launch film which showcases Rajasthan in a very unique & different way than what it’s perceived to be by public in general. 3 more call to action films will follow this for creating urgency for registration closer to the event.

The print campaign has been developed with the help of traditional Bheel artists specially brought from Rajasthan to design artworks as per the overall campaign brief.

Jaideep Majahan, NCD, Rediffusion Y & R says, “Rajasthan is one of the most prestigious accounts that we’ve won this year. The task of this campaign was to deliver one key message – “Rajasthan is not only a land of colors and culture but also an economic hub that is ripe for further growth and investments.”Creating something at this scale in a limited time requires meticulous planning and organization. Kudos to the client and agency team that worked non-stop for days and nights to make this happen. Rajasthan is resurging and its message to the world is loud, clear and confident.”

Commenting on the campaign, Pranav Harihar Sharma, ECD North & West, Rediffusion Y & R says,“It’s like a dream! This is by far my best experience of working with a government client. Honorable CM Mrs. Vausndhara Raje, not only appreciates breakthrough work but pushes you to better it. ‘Rajasthan hai Taiyaar’ is not a regular government campaign.  Apart from being it being factual, the likability quotient of campaign has been increased because of the chemistry between Irrfan khan and the child actor playing ‘Bheema’. From magnificent aerial shots of factories, mines and refineries to human emotions, stories and moments it has been able to create a strong message. Even while writing the lyrics of the track my effort was to keep the lyrics in the esoteric zone & not sound manufacturish. Being the writer-director of the campaign, my sole effort was to create something that appeals to mind and touches heart.”


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