Ray-Ban launches new campaign - You’re On

Light can be elusive. Sometimes you get to bask in the sun, sometimes all you can do is catch a couple of rays. But we are sun seekers. And we celebrate light, even in the darkest moments. So we say, screw you dark cloud! We’ve got our Ray-Ban and we’re more than ready to beat you at your game. We’re on.

In a holiday season like this one, now more than ever it’s time to be true to yourself. Ray-Ban’s new communication platform, You’re On, celebrates life lived in the moment in snapshots of authentic, uninhibited joy. It captures spontaneous moments of genuine behavior, lived as the most authentic version of yourself.

The campaign portrays two gamers playing pinball, giving it their all, unaware of their surroundings. Today, people are always under the eyes of others; conditioned to overthink their lives rather than live in the moment. The protagonists in the campaign, showcasing their Ray-Ban styles, are their truest selves, enjoying the moment no matter who is watching. Wearing Ray-Ban gives you that confidence to live your best life. Even when it feels the whole universe is watching. Even in the darkest times, You’re On.

Celebrating Ray-Ban’s timeless essence, the campaign features iconic frames that feel more authentic than ever. The I-Shaped Octagons embody the joyful free spirit of the 60s and 70s, with their oversized geometry and expressive personality. Back from the Ray-Ban archives, they are built for being yourself in, and grabbing life with both hands. Straight from the 90s, the Frank features the original colors and vintage gold Ray-Ban logo. The light metallic frames are made for fun and creativity, whatever version of yourself you want to be. And the Wayfarer, born in the 50s, has been loved by dreamers, adventurers and pop-culture legends ever since. The Wayfarer family continues with the State Street. Its elegant, squared shape, crafted from acetate and available in a selection of colors, creates a contemporary style.

The campaign will live also across key social media platforms, creating engagement on multiple levels.

You can’t predict the light. But with Ray-Ban you are always ready to capture it. Living each day for the moment. You’re On.



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