Recap2019: Moment marketing is the new digital strategy says Sabyasachi Mitter

Integrated digital marketing and communication agency, Fulcro's Founder and Managing Director Sabyasachi Mitter in conversation with Adgully reveals his favourite campaigns for 2019 and the noteworthy digital trends that rose to prominence during the year. He also indulges in some crystal gazing for the calendar year 2020.

Which were your favorite top 5 digital campaigns of 2019? (Can be local or global)

Digital campaigns across the globe have been on a rise. There are a few that I felt set a benchmark when it comes to digital marketing.


Burger King: Whopper Detour: They bent the rules of direct marketing and experiential while redefining the use of e-commerce/technology. They sent their customers to rival McDonalds to ask for their famous Whopper and took brand rivalry to the next level.


Cadbury Dairy Milk’s #HeartTheHate campaign - against cyber-bullying on Friendship's Day was a clear winner with a simple emoticon approach. The trend caught instantly and people were sharing solidarity with the icon resulting in an outpouring of positive emotions and support overriding the negativity created by the abuse of online bullying.

Swiggy - Voice of hunger - a perfect way to use the Instagram platform to the fullest. The sound recording function to generate everything from ’Nachos to Kebabs’ was a great approach towards user generated content marketing approach.

Did any creative trend or strategy catch your attention? What was it and how was it different?

In moment trends to in moment advertising is the new digital strategy. While its a definite attention grabber, but does it help build brands and communites online? Now that's food for thought.

In terms of brands spending and adapting digital medium, how was 2019 vs 2018?

2019 has seen foray of many offline players getting into digital space. But there have been many crests and turfs since every digital spender is being cautious about the ROI on digital given the fact that some platforms do spruce up number.  With more and more monitoring laws and tools in place the future could set a positive tone for digital

And, what's the next big thing in digital in 2020?

WhatsApp for business, Voice search and Machine learning, yes it sounds like every tech article you read but that’s the honest truth. The world is moving towards it how we apply to the Indian regional parts is the challenge that we will love jostling with.


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