“Redefine the perception” - Sabhyata celebrates Mother’s day

Sabhyata, one of India’s leading ethnic wear brands, celebrates Mother-Daughter relationship with a video, giving a refreshing new way to look at a typical mother-daughter relationship. The role of mother is very important in a girl’s life and the same cannot be over emphasized. So, this Mother’s Day, the brand in its video talks about bridging the generation gap and making mother a girl’s best friend.

Today’s digital age though gives us round the clock connectivity to the entire world but this process on the other side is depriving us from the some special moments that we used to share with our parents. This video, by Sabhyata, is an initiative to project the mother daughter relationship in a new way in sync with the modern lifestyle or rather defines this relationship in a new unique way.

Commenting on the campaign, Pankaj Anand, Co-founder, Sabhyata, "We are very happy and excited to come up with this beautiful campaign. The main thought behind the campaign was to bring in light the freshness of the mother-daughter relationship. Our parents are our biggest assets, they are our best guide and mentor. When we reach a particular age, our parents expects us to be their best friend. But in the present digital world around the younger generation, parents somewhere are left behind when it comes to sharing of personal experiences and happenings in our life. Through this video, we wanted to bring out the fact that how parents wants to be a friend for their children and is happy to stand strong in every decision of their life. We look forward that, this video will surely bridge the gap between a mother-daughter relationship and will share a new angle to it."

The story-line:

A mother always shares a special relationship with her children and it becomes even more special when it comes to a mother-daughter relationship. Girls are always excited when she goes to meet her someone special for the very first time and prefers looking the best and dressing the best way possible. In the Sabhyata video the girl lead character goes to her mother’s wardrobe, looks for that perfect piece of clothing which she wants to add to her dress for the day to make it perfect and gets a Dupatta. Sensing her excitement (about which she has not spoken to her mother) her mother decides to go and talk to her. In an interesting turn of events her mother goes up to her and says that she wants to talk to her about something important and wants her suggestions. Mother reveals that there is a special someone she came across on a dating app and this special someone wants to meet her in person. The shell shocked girl looks at her mother in utter disbelief as obviously she does not expect this from her mother at her age.

The suspense and confusion on the screen is cleared with the mother saying that this is the way (transparent and candid) she would prefer a conversation with her daughter then her not discussing her life with the mother at all.

The message is clear that the modern day mother wants to be a friend to her daughter than be her supervisor or controller and would be happy to stand by her daughter in all her decisions.

The video is so engaging that for a moment the viewer would also fall prey to the portrayal of mother in that tricky way but the end message will sure leave you with a smile.


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