Resetting leadership vision in the post-pandemic times

The pandemic disruptions have forced businesses and leaders to undergo several changes and rethink some set goals and visions. The accelerated transition to digital has also brought about a new set of challenges and opportunities.

While vision is critical in challenging times, it plays an especially important role in putting set processes in place to offset future disruptions and anticipate new trend lines.

In this volatile world, what is the norm today might become absolutely obsolete a couple of years from now. How do leaders steer their organisations and teams through such an environment – that is a crucial question.

Adgully’s latest #GullyChat Twitter chat episode covered the very important topic – ‘Resetting leadership vision in the post-pandemic times’. The discussion was joined by:

Anjali Malthankar, National Strategy Director, Tonic Worldwide

Dikshant Joshi, Director, Publisher Development, AdPushup Inc

Rishabh Mahendru, AVP, Client Servicing, AdLift

Sushant Tomar, Senior Director, MAAS India

Navigating through uncertain times

Commencing the discussions, Anjali Malthankar said, “People-first approach is the most important step in uncertain times, which encourages empathy across the agency. We made mental well being as key KPIs for teams. New joiners are given mentors and buddies to reach out to. Focused on training calendar and encouraged the employees to learn new skill sets needed to navigate the new world.”

“We were ready with the WFH format during the pandemic as we always encouraged flexibility even before the pandemic,” she further said.

Rishabh Mahendru remarked, “AdLift India being a process-oriented company helped us transition seamlessly into the pandemic era. We were already using the necessary technologies to communicate with our US clients, so it was an easy transition.”

MAAS India’s Sushant Tomar added here, “We as leaders and as a company becoming more emphatic towards everyone in the ecosystem, including our employees, clients and other entities involved, has definitely helped us in coming out much more stronger than before.”

Dikshant Joshi noted, “Change and adaptability is the new normal. AdPushup focuses on the changing needs of our teams. We have hosted sessions like TGIF or sessions with our organisational psychologist or coffee with HR.”

Changes in leadership styles

Joshi observed, “Adaptability is a two-way street, not only are the leaders adapting, so are the team members. The onus is more on the leader to drive the change and as a leader, I am responsible of taking care of those in charge. If that is fulfilled, everything else falls in order.”

According to Tonic Worldwide’s Anjali Malthankar, “Leadership styles are upgraded with a higher EQ (Emotional Quotient) while having to upgrade TQ (Tech Quotient).”

Rishabh Mahendru pointed that as technology became the core of everything and with people no longer able to meet face to face, empathy has become the key.

According to Sushant Tomar, the major ones noticed have been:

  1. a) people across hierarchy connecting with others on a more personal
  2. b) witnessing overpowering ups & downs together
  3. c) more trust built up among people across levels.

Follow the entire discussion here:

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