Resurrect your digital presence

Authored by Krishna Mohan Jha, Founder & Lead Strategist, Nine Triangles Digital

Right from your website to social media presence to digital communication handles - all needs complete review and realignment basis the consumer you are targeting and market you are operating in.

“Marketing is a race without finishing line” a quote from famous marketing guru Philip Kotler resonates most in today’s scenario. As we experience, marketing or for that matter all of its avenues including digital continues to evolve with time and are driven by ongoing changes in consumer behaviour, tech innovations, socio-economic realities, competition & market landscape, to name a few. This necessities an ongoing review of marketing initiatives including communications, relevant avenues and realignment of assets. 

COVID as we know is ‘once in centuries’ kind of event, which has caught the world with terrible surprise forcing changes in behaviour across spectrum of life, some of them presumably permanent changes in the longer run. While, consumer behaviour changes all all kinds have significance for marketing, however, such profound changes in (or rater shit in behaviour, I should say) necessitate the need to review (I would prefer the world resurrect) marketing initiatives (or even hygiene for that matter) in totality. Although, in this article my focus is going to be on digital avenues. 

Most of the business today would have a website, maybe presence in social medium, maybe be making efforts to get visibility on search engines, maybe doing push promotions across digital venues etc… But the need of the day is to leverage the opportunity presented by never heard of digital adoption of consumer across segment by bringing about the “complete digital orientation to an organisation”, and it is where there is a need to relook at all the digital assets, and if they are aligned with the objective business is set out to achieve.

Here are some steps that I would recommend as a must in the journey of resurrecting one’s digital presence - 

Know your customer: evolution of the entire Internet ecosystem provides us with abundant amount of primary/secondary data about the consumer & their behaviour, it is impotent to define your consumer, learn about them and get actionable insights that aligns with your business objective.

Review digital assets: List down all your digital assets, map them against consumer behaviour & engagement journey across cycles of business e.g. you website could serve as engagement landing during planning journey or sales journey of a customer but your CRM could be post sales engagement landing. 

Define perceptional & quantifiable objective: List down each of your digital assets perceptional and quantifiable objective against which you can review these platforms periodically. This is an important task to keep a tab on progress and tweak your activities in accordance.

Lean about competition & market scenario: a detailed competition benchmarking & how market is evolving with respect to a particular medium, has to a periodic calendar activity for a business. In order to make it effective, define parameters after doing your first laundry list report and keep a check on dashboard comprising on these parameters.

Review & action: armed with reports & insights across consumer, platform, competition & market landscape, it would be simpler to fuse them with your business objectives and come about action plan that could be your pre-cursor toward becoming a digitally transformed company, leveraging the potential this medium has to offer.

This exercise could bring about of set of changes, that could have direct and positively far-reaching impact on your business. From a simple re-vamp of communication strategy to re-vamping your website, to introducing new technology for ongoing tech initiatives (e.g. CRM, LMS, ERP), the exercise could result into complete digital transformation of your business which could directly impact - operational efficiency, sales, consumer relations and most importantly revenue. 

So, do not delay. It could be a prudent idea to implement this for once and see the difference it could make to your business. All the best!


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