Rise in women entrepreneurs is becoming a boon for the Indian economy

The growth of Women entrepreneurs has the potential to be the biggest force in India’s economic growth story. As per a report by McKinsey“The country could add up to $770 billion—more than 18%—to its GDP by 2025, simply by giving equal opportunities to women. Women can contribute to the economy not just as job seekers but also job creators such as via entrepreneurship, which is a space women are rapidly taking to across India. One big growth factor for this has been the power of women in small businesses who are leveraging the internet and using digital media to reach millions of customers”

The growth of these women entrepreneurs is also spreading wings in traditional retail businesses across Tier -2 & 3 cities. Shedding light on this front, Mr. Rajesh Gupta, CTO & Co-founder of BUSY Accounting Software says, “The era of Entrepreneurship has certainly brought forward many women entrepreneurs, even in a man-dominated field like retail business. In the past few years, we have seen a small but welcome increase in women dealers especially across Tier-2 & 3 cities. I hope that in the coming times, with growing visibility and opportunity we will have a much larger participation in rural businesses from the women section of the society"

These women hustlers are not only breaking family barriers to come to the forefront but are also riding on disruptive tech to cater to less known but popular fields like cryptocurrency and block-chain. One such women entrepreneur Ms. Roshni Aslam who has Co-founded GoSats with her brother Mr. Roshan Aslam brings forth her views on the growth of Indian women, “I think Indian women today are increasingly becoming more independent, confident and vocal about their choices. Women in this era are not afraid to portray confidence and potential. They are strong in choosing what is best for themselves, be it in education, technology or careers. In the digital space, I believe women are content with the opportunities present such as music, art, crypto and content creation as they are safe and fair”

The cloud of women entrepreneurs is not just hauling here, they are well and truly conquering the new-age communication fields and marketing segments. On the rise of women power in the domain, Mr. Siddhartha Vanvani, Founder & CEO of DigiDarts compliments his counterparts, “Female leaders have constructively contributed to shaping the future of the world. Their success is attributed to their untiring hard work, persistence, and adamant optimism. Today, female professionals hailing from diverse backgrounds have marked their strong presence across industries. And, when we talk about the growth of Indian women entrepreneurs, specifically in the field of digital marketing, we see infinite possibilities; we see leading potential; we see a determination to revolutionize the digital realm”


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