Rohan Joshi shares his food experience on Gobble’s You Got Chef'd - Season 3 !

Every region has their own unique food and dining habits which are ingrained in their culture. For example, eating alone is quite a popular thing in Japan as it is not just socially accepted, but also increasingly considered the norm. Rohan Joshi, one of India’s finest comedians shares an experience of eating at a Japanese restaurant and recalls this tradition of eating alone in the country. While attempting to make sushi on the first episode of Gobble’s You Got Chef’d, he recollects the culture shock experience when he had to sit in front of a wall and eat his ramen alone like most people in Japan. He was totally amused by this and while sharing this memory, Rohan mastered the art of the perfect sushi with help from Chef Ranveer Brar who also rated his sushi roll to be absolutely perfect.

Rohan adds, “I just started cooking during the lockdown. So if you’d told me I’d be making such a complex dish on a show like You Got Chef’d in under a year, I wouldn’t have believed it. You hear so much about how chefs can be really tough, but Chef Ranveer Brar was a total sweetie and I had a ton of fun cooking with him. And right now I’m wondering and hoping he did too!”

Rohan Joshi is one of India’s finest comedians, who has entertained people not just on his stand up shows but also through the lockdown since last year by uploading relatable content on his social media platforms. Apart from entertaining during the lockdown, Rohan says that he picked up the skill of cooking while being quarantined at home. 

Rohan Joshi shares this unique experience and many other anecdotes in the third episode of Gobble’s You Got Chef’d season 3 presented by Dewars only on the Gobble Channel.


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