Saffolalife encourages India to ‘Stand up for their Heart’

Saffolalife, an initiative that has championed the cause of heart health, announces the launch of its World Heart Day campaign urging people to ‘lead an active lifestyle for a healthy heart.’ It aims to educate individuals that a sedentary lifestyle results in an increased risk of heart ailments.

Our modern day lifestyle has progressively become sluggish in nature where we spend long hours sitting, thereby having a huge impact on the risk of cardio vascular diseases. The Saffolalife study discovered that people cited ‘long job hours’, ‘long travelling time’ and ‘stress’ as key barriers to putting in efforts towards staying healthy. However, the consumer insight suggests that by simply changing our perspective with which we view these barriers, we can find ways of integrating healthier efforts in our daily routine. Hence, through this campaign, Saffolalife aims to inspire people to embrace an active lifestyle by overcoming these obstacles.

The campaign is launched with a digital campaign that encourages people to adopt small steps of staying fit and heart healthy that can be easily incorporated in their busy life. For instance, if there is no time to go for an hour long walk, one can walk for 15 minutes four times a day to manage cholesterol. Standing itself burns 53% more calories than sitting, hence working professionals should actively avoid sitting for long periods. Utilize the extensive travelling time by practicing deep breathing which will help reduce stress and subsequently improve heart health.

Additionally, Saffolalife advises people to download the Saffolalife Revofit app this World Heart Day. The app enables people to track their efforts to stay active thereby constantly reminding them to start leading a more active lifestyle.

Commenting on the Saffolalife World Heart Day campaign, Anuradha Aggarwal, Chief Marketing Officer, Marico Limited said, “Saffolalife remains committed to its vision of creating a Heart Healthy India. Various research studies show that a sedentary lifestyle leads to a huge risk of heart problems. We have also seen that while our consumers are becoming more aware of risks to Heart Health, they continue to lead sedentary lives. Hence, on the occasion of World Heart Day this year, the Saffolalife campaign inspires consumers to ‘Stand Up’ and stay active for a healthy heart. By highlighting that people can integrate simple yet impactful ways of staying active in their everyday lifestyle, we aim to make the pursuit of heart health a sustainable part of our consumers’ life.”

Adopting an integrated media approach, the campaign plans to leverage the digital platform to boost its messaging, keeping in mind that the brand is encouraging consumers to look at fitness and heart health in a new manner.

Pradyumna Chauhan, National Creative Director, McCann Worldgroup, India says, “These days it seems fashionable to be health conscious, but is our lifestyle really heart healthy? We spend hours together every day sitting – in meetings, in a car, on the couch and more. Sitting is the new smoking, say experts. This World Heart Day, we decided to take on this “sedentary lifestyle” and inspire consumers to adopt active ways of living to stay Heart Healthy. We have coined the creative expression #StandUpforYourHeart and through our campaign, Saffolalife aims to encourage consumers to find easy and effective ways to make Active choices within their current lifestyle.”

TVC credentials:

Creative agency – McCann Erickson

Ad Director- Nishant Goyal

Producer- Kedhhar Barrve, The Peppermill Studio

Creative team – ECD: Abhinav Tripathi, Sr. CD: Ishrath Nawaz, Sr. CD: Sanket Pathare, Shazaad Arjani, Pranav Bhide, Zahid Jaffery, Pratik Dhas

Sr. Management - Executive Chairman: Prasoon Joshi; Vice Chairman & MD: Partha Sinha; Executive VP & GM & Nat. Head Planning: Suraja Kishore; NCD: Pradyumna Chauhan

Account Management - Group Business Director: Sarita Raghavan, Kunal Dani, Shivani Panchal

Films Dept. - Vrushali Samant

Account Planning - Rajesh Sharma, Akhilesh Nath


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