Samsonite launches #EkDinKiChutti campaign for this year's elections

With over 900 million citizens eligible to vote in this year’s elections*, India has yet again earned the title of the world’s largest democracy. Of the many rights and freedoms afforded by a democracy, the ability to vote is the most precious. Indeed, it is estimated that over 91% of people do not return to their home town to vote**.

As the world’s largest travel luggage company, Samsonite has always believed in creating a better society through the principles of responsibility, honesty, and integrity. With a presence in India stretching over two decades, Samsonite is committed to upholding the building blocks of the nation. To that end, the brand has launched the #EkDinKiChutti initiative, encouraging people to take a day off and travel home to vote.

Speaking on the initiative, Jai Krishnan, CEO, Samsonite South Asia, said, “Elections are not just a process but also a celebration of democracy in our country. Living in the world’s largest democracy, we must take our role as citizens seriously and exercise our right. With this unique initiative, we hope to remind everyone that the chutti that they might have been ignoring all this while, shouldn’t be disregarded at all. Reinforcing this thought process, we have announced an official #EkDinKiChutti for all outstation employees who are registered in their home towns, giving them an opportunity to #TravelToVote.”

Speaking about the campaign Bodh Deb, Vice President & Branch Head, Autumn Grey shared, “As we were brainstorming on finding a real insight for the election campaign, we realized that none of us had the moral high ground to speak on the subject. Most of us have migrated to another city for work years back and had never made an effort to go back home to cast our vote. Instantly we knew that we have hit upon an insight that will strike a chord with millions like us and thus came up with the campaign.”                                                                        

This message is driven home through a short, thought-provoking film, which features a man taking a day’s leave from work to visit his home town. Over the course of his inspirational journey he savours the sights and sounds of his birthplace, reconnecting with old friends and spending time with his loved ones. But these reunions are short-lived as his motive to take the chutti is different. The next scene opens with a close-up, as the man is recognised by an old acquaintance. As greetings are exchanged, the man informs us that he’s only in town for a day. With this revelation, the camera zooms out to reveal him casting a vote in a polling booth. As the film draws to a close, the audience is reminded that every vote matters on the path to building a brighter, more prosperous future.


Agency credits

Client: Samsonite India

Agency: Autumn Grey

Founder & CEO: Anusha Shetty

Co-Founder & Director: Abhay Rajankar

Insight & Campaign Idea by: Bodh Deb

Story, Script & Campaign hashtag by: Nishant Ananthram


Agency Campaign Team: Rugvedi Joshi, Nishant Sethi, Harish Iyengaar, Yashas Patel, Soumyadeep Ghosh, Deepak Puttaramaiah, Kaveri Ganiger, Kruthika R. Kumar, Radhika Ajgaonkar, Anup Bale, Mithun Cotha, Rakesh Siddaramaiah

Production House: Momomoto Studios

Executive Producer: Momo & Moto

Director: Deepti Nagia

Creative Producer: Tushar Sadashiv Shivan

Cinematographer: Anend C. Chandran

AC & Gaffer: Sumesh KM

AD: Vishal Chaudhary, Swati, Subhashish

Costume Stylist: Uttam & Chetan

Cast: Suraj Negi, Vibhor Gupta, Varun Singh, Subhash Chandra Tyagi, Bhupendra Taneja

Offline - Tushar Shivan

Music - Haroon and Gavin

Sound - Sashvat and Farhad

DI - Daniel (Nube)

Online - Harsh and Vaibhav (Prime Focus)

Narrator - Vijay Raaz

Singer- Roshni Saha

VO - Ankur Desai

Character Voice - Shashank Vaity

Post Producer - Prabhat Iyer and Bharat Vishwakarma

Delhi Line Producer: Prerna Films Production

Production Team: Anurag, Ramesh

Makeup: Jyoti

Dehradoon Line Producer: Pankaj Sharma & team (Snow Hill Events & Production)

Dehradoon Casting: Diamond aka Saiyad Mujair Akhtar


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