Santa needs someone to hire him this Christmas

Christmas is all about food, laughter, and presents! Every year we wait for Santa,  the world’s favourite gift bearer  to deliver our Christmas presents. Meanwhile, friends and colleagues play Secret Santa and parents set up Christmas trees and decorations. But this year, there is an important announcement for them from Santa himself–he is not doing the job and is looking for a career change. And has reached out to thousands of potential employers via LinkedIn, digital ads, emails, flyers, business cards, posters and even a video resume!

Well, if Santa is not doing this job, who is? The word around town is that Santa has delegated all of his deliveries to Swiggy Genie. Be it chocolates, sweets, toys, clothes, or any other presents that Santa would have generally delivered – Swiggy Genie is here to help him while he explores other career options.

Swiggy’s #SantaOpenToWork campaign conceptualized by Web chutney is a quirky and timely way of depicting how gift-givers can outsource all their delivery tasks to Swiggy Genie this Christmas, just the way Santa is. As part of the campaign, Swiggy dropped in Santa’s flyers and business cards with a special QR Code with their Genie and Instamart orders. Scanning the QR code leads to a delightful video of Santa sharing his video resume on YouTube.
To drive even more intrigue, Swiggy has also put-up unbranded tear-able posters across offices, so that they can target employers at the source. Office goers can tear the contact information and share it directly with each other and their HRs, and check out Santa’s video resume online. He also had digital ads across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Wynk and Inshorts which people can click to find his video resume.

While Santa is #OpenToWork, Swiggy Genie is #OpenToDeliveries!



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