SARVA is making yoga, younger, cooler and a lot more fun

Towards realizing its mission of redefining yoga as a lifestyle and not just a workout form, SARVA, India’s fastest growing yoga and wellness ecosystem, is kicking off a cool, fun campaign called Yoga+. The brand aims to connect 7 billion breaths through yoga, showcasing it as a seamless part of various lifestyles, individuals, professionals and how it has changed them. SARVA’s offerings are born and bred on 25 forms of yoga and adapted to suit the millennial fitness needs.

 Yoga+ is spearheaded by celebrities, influencers, and experts from various walks of life like Malaika Arora, Aishwaryaa Dhanush, Aditya Ghosh, Shikhar Dhawan, Vikram Sathaye, Ankur Tewari, and Akanksha Ranjan Kapoor. They are not just associated with the campaign in the capacity of being celebrities, but also practice yoga regularly and hence they’re fondly referred to as the Sarva Yogi’s. With their combined social reach of over 200 million, SARVA wants to rebrand yoga as being authentic yet modern and inclusive yet transformative -- a positioning that yoga has never had in India.

 The campaign has been timed at par with the upcoming worldwide event, International Day of Yoga, which falls on 21 June. The idea is to make an impact in the birthplace of yoga as a homegrown brand that is bringing the authenticity of yoga, in a modernised, adaptable and accessible form to the world.

 Speaking about this, Sarvesh Shashi, Co-founder, SARVA Yoga, said, “Yoga is the unification of Mind, Body and Soul and in one way or the other, we’re all yogi’s. Now more than ever, people are understanding the importance of doing things that bring them happiness, calms them down and keeps them active. I believe yoga is a great way to do that and our campaign, Yoga+ is all about how yoga fits into our lives. Our objective is to position yoga as a way of life rather than just a workout. Be it cooking food that you love, meditation, listening to music or just closing your eyes to tune off, it’s yoga. It is a lifestyle you choose to turn over a better, healthier, happier leaf. With this campaign, we hope to reach over 75 million people and showcase the various manifestations of yoga.”

 Adding further, Malaika Arora, Co-founder, DIVA Yoga, said, “There’s no doubt that I’m an ardent believer and practitioner of yoga. Yoga+ is a campaign that tells real stories of how it has helped people become calmer, fitter, healthier; get better sleep; recover from injuries; and so much more. Irrespective of whether we are actors, CEOs, PR professionals, dancers, etc., we all understand the importance of wellness. In the times we are in, the best thing we can do is to remain positive and hope for a safer and better tomorrow. Even 2 minutes of mindfulness and pranayama can help you with that. SARVA’s digital initiatives are designed to keep you active, help you relax, sleep better and contribute to your holistic wellness. We hope to reach as many people as possible and show them how cool, fun, and transformational yoga can be.”

 SARVA also recently launched its App, currently divided into 2 categories: Body, that hosts video on demand, LIVE and an interactive offering which is currently under progress; Mind - a collection of authentic Indian stories for Sleep, Meditation and Mindfulness. The 3rd category to be launched soon is called Nourish, which will host healthy recipes, skin-care tips and more.

 SARVA and DIVA have a global digital reach of over 200 million. The brands have set out to help people across different countries connect with this holistic practice and achieve the associated benefits. For more information or to join the classes, people can log on to or Download the Sarva app on Appstore and iOS. The live yoga sessions can be accessed at @thedivayoga.


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