Sequential Messaging strategy on YouTube for Piramal Realty

Innovation is the key for a brand to stay ahead of its competition. In a highly competitive sector like real estate where every developer tries to lure its customers with lucrative offers, it is very essential to come up with new innovative techniques to promote its products to their target customers. Piramal Realty one of Mumbai’s leading developers known for its renowned projects in the ultra-luxury segment wanted to launch a new tower at Piramal Vaikunth in Thane.  The new tower Vidya was Piramal Realty’s foray in targeting the affordable segment.

Consumer Insight

The marketing and sales strategy changes drastically while targeting a different segment. For example, a sales pitch while selling a property in the luxury segment is more organized & sophisticated while the sales pitch for an affordable property is more direct. While the sales pitch in the luxury segment relies on providing a rich experience to its niche audience, the sales pitch in the affordable segment relies on a quick & push sales technique as it caters to a larger mass of audience. Just like the sales strategy changes for different segments, the marketing channels also needed to exhibit a similar push to its prospect.

Channel Insight

YouTube as a digital medium has a wider reach with 225 million active users in India. While the platform allows the advertiser to show its video ad to the target audience, it also allows the user the flexibility to skip the ad after 5-sec if the offering is not suitable. YouTube is a preferred branding medium for the advertisers as they get charged only if the user watches the complete ad or 30-sec of video ad whichever is less. YouTube also allows the advertisers to show a non-skippable ad at a higher cost per view which tends to be expensive at the same time creates a negative impact on its target audience as they are forced to watch the complete ad.


Sequential messaging is a phenomenon of showing specific communication in a sequence or stages. Sequential messaging allows the advertiser to show the specific communication targeting only those users who have consumed the previous video content, seen 75% of it or even if the user has skipped the ad. Taking this as an insight, we at Anarock Digital designed a more push communication strategy targeting the affordable real estate segment.

Usually, users are shown a 5-sec ad, post which they can opt to skip that ad. We promoted a 30-sec video on YouTube using a sequential targeting strategy specifically for the in-market & custom affinity real estate audience. The objective was to ensure that its audience subtly consumes the complete ad communication without creating a negative attitude towards the brand by showing a non-skippable ad.


A 30-sec video was cropped to create 3 new videos.

1st edited video was cropped from 6th second which continued till the end of the ad which effectively means it was 25-sec video ad.

2nd edited video was cropped from the 11th second which continued till the end of the ad which effectively means it was 20-sec video ad.

Similarly, the 3rd and the last edited video was cropped from the 15th second which continued till the end of the ad which effectively means it was 15-sec video ad.

The target audience was shown the complete 30-sec ad while watching it for the first time. Only the users who skipped the first ad were shown the 1st edited video ad which started directly from the 6th second and continued till the end.



Conceptualized by Nitiket Vejre – Account Manager & Hemant Vyas, Sr. Manager.

Media execution by Sumeet Bali & Aakash Kumar.

Video editing by Murugan Nadar & Sneha Shetty.

Copywritten by Onkar Gaonkar.

Arpit Awasti -VP and Ishita Dedhia – AVP of Anarock Digital. Natasha Malani & Mritunjay Dhamar – Brand Managers and Kyron Dinshaw – Head of Marketing in Piramal Realty.



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