ShemarooMe’s Box Office to release 376D on Oct 9

Actor Vivek Kumar who plays the role of Sanju in 376D found himself in responsible shoes as an artist and a human being when he read the script for 376D. The role demanded for him to empathise with the feeling of vulnerability that engulfs you when you are a survivour of sexual harassment.

As a Cis man in hetropatriarchy, Vivek had no idea about the trauma and emotional turmoil an act of rape could bring with it. What altered his reality and played a pivotal role in him taking essences from an experience was when a close friend of his has her persoanl space encroached upon and narrowly escaped the heinous act of rape. He tried to imbibe the pain, vulnerability and identity struggle his friend faced and tried to emulate that into his performance.

Vivek divulges that, "As an actor, entering that painful, vulnerable and violated zone was a challenge that I negotiated with during the preparation. During shooting my visceral involvement in the scenes evolved my understanding of harassments from the perspective  of the survivors. I am grateful to this film 376 D, as it gave me an opportunity not only as an actor but also to become a more responsible and responsive human being. If our film ‘376 D’ creates a community of the audience, aware and united against sexual violence against any gender that would be the real success of this work." 


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