Shradha Tripathi talks about 'Appnapan... Badalte Rishton Ka Bandhan'

Shradha Tripathi talks about 'Appnapan... Badalte Rishton Ka Bandhan'
Shradha Tripathi talks about 'Appnapan... Badalte Rishton Ka Bandhan'

Sony Entertainment Televisions’ latest offering 'Appnapan... Badalte Rishton Ka Bandhan' is being appreciated by many for its engaging narrative and relatable characters. Starring actors Cezanne Khan and Rajshree Thakur, the show delves into the life of an estranged couple, Nikhil and Pallavi, who are driven apart by ego and how they face their own set of challenges with single parenting while battling their obstacles from their past. But, as destiny brings them face to face once again, will they give a second chance to their relationship for the sake of their family? The answer to this question has already piqued the interest of the audience with the drama unfolding in each episode.

In the recent episodes, Nikhil's arrival to Meerut with Harsh (Keshav Mehta), Manna (Mehak Ghai) and his sister Nandita (Rinku Dhawan) has brewed a storm in not only Pallavi's but in the life of her kids as well. With Manna going down a spiral of alcohol abuse and self-harming, Pallavi is constantly worried about Manna, and this is not digesting well with Barkha (Shradha Tripathi) who does not like the attention Manna is getting all of a sudden. In the upcoming episode, the drama will be amped up with Pallavi getting Manna home to stay with them, which will take Barkha’s insecurity to another level leading to a fight between the two sisters; building on the sisterlike relationship between the two.

Speaking about the dynamics between the two siblings and talking about the off-screen bond between Mehak and her, Shradha Tripathi said, "I like how Manna and Barkha's sisterly bond is developing because it is taking a really natural arc. Sisters are envious of each other, they get possessive of their parents, and they do sometimes despise each other but at the centre of all of that is pure love. Manna and Barkha are going down that road especially after finding out about each other’s existence. They look innocent in front of their mother but fight with each other behind her back, just like sisters do. The whole dynamic is also easy to perform in front of the camera because Mehak and I are very much like our characters. We share quite a sisterly bond, calling each other up when something troubles us and being the shoulder to cry on or sharing each other's happiness. Barkha and Manna’s journey to reunite and be on the same page will take some time, but the bond will grow with time as well. The viewers will be happy to see the khatti-meethi sister like relationship between Manna and Barkha because it is as wholesome as it is endearing. "

Will Barkha and Manna finally cross the threshold of hate and be actual sisters?

Tune into 'Appnapan... Badalte Rishton Ka Bandhan', Monday to Friday at 10:00 pm only on Sony Entertainment Television.


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