Sita Review: A tale of brutal truth of the society

Sita is the tale of a young girl who endures caste prejudice even after she passes away. The tale starts out with a 10-year-old dalit boy wandering the streets and discovering a dead baby girl left outside of a temple. Although it won't be an easy chore due to the circus of the long-standing custom, he resolves to give her a decent burial. He encounters a fascinating woman named Maithili after feeling hopeless and defeated everywhere. She tells him the legend of the goddess Sita and guides him in the right direction.

The writing and presentation of the film, which are visually unpleasant from the very first scene, teach you about the harsh world through the eyes of a young boy, and its most significant aspects. One has the sensation that it merely scratches the surface in limited time. It is a one-night story, so the darkness in the film adds to the drama. Discussions between a young boy and a lady, who exposes him to a proverbial tale about Sita and her experiences with natural forces, have an effect.

A stunning performance is given by young actor Om Kanojiya. Because of a single wish, his innocent eyes disclose his plight. It becomes difficult to look away from Maithili, played by Shriya Pilgaonkar, as she emerges as a terrifying presence. You'll have a lot to consider after listening to her in-depth conversations, as a Brahmin priest in charge of presiding over the veneration of the deceased in the afterlife

The short film criticises society's inhumane mentality, which places religion above all else and shames society's treatment of girls as being brutally true.


Abhinav Singh- Director, Producer
Shriya Pilgaonkar- Actor
Om Kanojiya- Actor
Devesh Ranjan- Actor


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