SleepyCat says Great things happen when you ‘Own Your Comfort’

#OwnYourComfort by Flux@TheGlitch is all set to normalise taking guilt-free breaks and prioritizing one’s comfort above everything else.  

Taking the right amount of breaks has always been a question in all of our lives and with the pandemic setting in, we as individuals thought that we are all settled comfortably in our own spaces, but are we really comfortable? To be honest, we are not, as we all end up clocking 16-17 hours a day without even thinking about it. And that is not what our lives should be like. 

And to bring back guilt-free breaks in all our lives SleepyCat and Flux @ The Glitch crafted a communication #OwnYourComfort where we portrayed that pausing from the grind and keeping you and your comfort is not a crime and one should not feel guilty about it. We tapped into the category that mostly talks about sleeping and comfort in general, but we, at Flux, didn’t want to stop at that. We instead dug deeper into the factor of owning comfort at large and making it more relatable to each and every individual.  

Kanishk Arya, COO SleepyCat added, "We want to normalise taking breaks – be it short or long ones – to prioritising yourself (something we've all put on the back burner for a while now!). To normalise it, to make it part of everyday conversations, starts with creating a message that captures the mood and the sentiment, so it can actually spur that much-need discussion. Among friends, family, and colleagues. The heart of the message is to live guilt-free – doing the things that make you happy, make you comfortable, without giving in to peer pressure in real life or on social media. SleepyCat and our team took that leap – from an unformed germ, but a gem, of an idea – into an unexplored category to help visualise just what owning your comfort could be.”

The campaign went live on a Sunday, when the entire population was at the pinnacle of their comfort. Releasing the film then was a strategic call where we hit the bull’s eye by giving a wake-up call to those who thought they were comfortable, but they have forgotten the actual taste of comfort.  

The film captures how we, the working professionals, juggle through household chores and hectic office schedules without sparing a single second to think about our needs. When you’re not in your element, everything starts falling apart, and that’s when you need to pick yourself up and give yourself a break like a protagonist in the film – link here 

Varun Mundra, the Director of Business & Client Relations at Flux, said “While we continue to stand together through the fear, stress, and anxiety of living and working in such uncertain times, we have somewhere forgotten to prioritize ourselves. Through this campaign #OwnYourComfort, we want to move away from the category clutter of problem-solution approach to a more relatable and simple human truth that stems from the fact that we've been living in our most comfortable space but are we really comfortable?” 

Tathagata Ray, the Creative Director of Flux, said “As creative professionals in an industry like advertising, we’ve seen some real highs and lows as our comfort zone got compromised. Home, which once served as a great place to rebound from work pressures and be creative, became makeshift office space.  

Own your comfort is a war cry for people who are craving to find their own space, their comfort zone once again, in the middle of this pandemic, in the middle of this new normal. From work pressures to heartbreaks to family group calls, this campaign calls out every single element that needs to be deprioritized, for the sake of your peace of mind.” 

The film has reached the hearts of 500,000+ audience on Instagram since 3 days of launch, and is still going strong! On YouTube, we managed to turn 80,000 heads and finally got them to toss that guilt out and own their comfort. 

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