Snapchat rises to 280 Million Users, along with Tik-Tok Spotlight Option

According to Snapchat's latest performance update, it shows solid increases in both usage and revenue throughout Q1 2021. The number of options that the company provides on its app will tend to get more social media marketers in the coming period.

Snapchat is now being used by 280 million people every day, a 22% increase in year-over-year performance, and the app's biggest increase in its YoY usage growth in more than 3 years.


As Snapchat usage has increased in all the regions, the app once again saw its biggest growth in the 'Rest of World' segment, which is largely due to the company's ongoing investment in more localized content and improved language support options.

With the android update back in 2019, the tech company has role in India playing a key role in boosting Indian user uptake (Android is the most popular OS, by far, in the Indian market).

According to the company's report, for the first time in Q1, the majority of its DAUs were on the Android version of the app. That's a big switch for a company that long resisted Android, and focused more on aligning with the technical superiority of iOS devices.

The first launch of 'Snap Original' for the India Market by the company, with a local version of 'Phone Swap'.

The social media network now has 60 million users in the Indian market, closing in on its biggest usage sectors.

The new tool of AR lenses in the app has given rise to the users for significantly using it in a large number daily growing more than 40% year-over-year. According to the reports, the company is also working on its  new, fully AR-enabled version of its Spectacles device.

Snap has also highlighted the growth of its TikTok clone 'Spotlight', which, in addition to being a feed of short video clips, also provides cash incentives - up to $1 million per day - for the best, most engaging Spotlight shorts.

Snap also says that over 75 million Snapchatters watched beauty-related content each month on Discover in Q1, which could lead to further marketing opportunities on the platform that play into its advanced AR features.


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