Social Frontier launches Kintegra Labs

Social Frontier, a Digital Marketing Agency specializing in 360-degree marketing integration, has launched Kintegra Labs, a powerful Social Media Marketing Intelligence Tool. The platform will help brands improve their social engagement and increase the possibility of reaching the appropriate target audience through research analysis and market insights.

Estimates indicate that about 55% of readers spend less than 15 seconds actively on a page. Rightly targeted and appropriate strategies can boost brand lift by over 300%.[1]Understanding this, Kintegra Labs seeks to answer questions such as: how competitors build social engagement; how many lead prospects there are in the target market; which interest groups to target and what will be the reach; reaction of the target market to the content; and how to analyse all social media mentions with a single interface.

Speaking about this, Mr Abdulla Basha, Co-founder, Social Frontier, said, “Technology can help businesses stay ahead of the curve – including in social media strategies. Most brands either ignore social engagement or are unaware of how to boost it and approach the right target group. There is a need to move away from advertising influenced metrics, such as Page Likes. Brands need to start measuring the impact of social media campaigns with more sophisticated metrics, such as activity, reach, clicks and page views. Kintegra Labs aims to solve this very issue and help brands come out successful.”

Kintegra Labs is a step ahead after Social Frontier’s successful run with Kintegra, a machine learning and AI-based marketing automation and predictive optimization tool. Kintegra has a predictive optimization feature that takes a call on platforms suitable for every campaign. It segregates and optimizes campaigns based on that understanding. On campaign completion, it can even make a template, schedule and send out client reports.

Kintegra Labs has more advanced and comprehensive features such as Facebook Ad Interests Keyword Finder; Facebook BusinessLead Finder; Facebook Page Finder; Social Signal Tracker Tool; Sentiment Analysis Tool; and Email Verifier Tool. From analysing the effectiveness of social media ads to ensuring that emails are delivered to the right people, Kintegra Labs intends to address a multitude of things.

Social Frontier automates and optimizes social paid marketing spends across channels to deliver the most efficient returns for the money spent. The company believes that while brands and companies spend on performance marketing for immediate results, a portion of the overall marketing budget should be spent on brand building for the long term. The company is paving the way for innovation across all marketing channels.


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