Soha Ali Khan Launches Pride of Cows in Delhi

In the recent years, there has been a rise in the preference for natural and unadulterated products. A healthier life is a reflection of our diet and quality of milk certainly plays a very important role. Bollywood Actress Soha Ali Khan on behalf of Parag Milk Foods Ltd., one of India’s leading private dairy company launched premium milk ‘Pride of Cows’ in National Capital, for consumers to experience the goodness of cow’s milk, which is rich in nutrients and is delivered to their doorsteps.

Priced at INR 120, per litre in Delhi NCR, Pride of Cows strives to encourage people who believe in finer things of life and wish to lead a high-end lifestyle by providing the milk that defines the edge of purity and high quality. It involves zero human intervention and is unadulterated. The brand maintains their exclusivity by making the brand a subscription based model.
With today’s hectic schedules it’s important to maintain a healthy lifestyle which can be supplemented with a glass of pure and fresh cow’s milk which is a rich source of calcium, proteins and Vitamin B12. Pride of Cows is a premium milk brand, which is delivered to the consumer’s doorstep with the utmost standard of purity and hygiene through an automated process without any human intervention maintaining the nutrients of milk.

Bollywood Actress and mother, Soha Ali Khan participated in a panel discussion with renowned nutritionist Kavita Devgan to discuss the importance of consuming Milk which is fresh and pure without any additional water or additives.
Speaking at the panel, Soha said, “Since Milk is one of the most powerful foods in our diet chart, I believe it’s important to be careful about the quality of milk we choose for ourselves. To receive the benefits of milk it’s essential to consume milk which is fresh and without any adulteration. As a health conscious person I always prefer Pride of Cows for my family. I am assured this premium quality milk is fresh and full of nutritional goodness”.

Kavita Devgan, renowned nutritionist and author said, “Worried consumers and parents consult with me about removing milk from their families’ regular diet including children for the fear of bad quality milk. I always tell them to include milk in their diet to nourish the important building blocks of the body and recommend choosing a product in which you know the source of the milk and its quality.”
Adding to this, Dr. said, “As most Indians consume a vegetarian diet, we generally lack good quantity of proteins in our diet which can be fulfilled through a glass of fresh and pure cow’s milk. Also, Casein- the protein derived from cow’s milk is easier to digest by the human body over animal based protein.”

Since its launch in 2011, Pride of Cows has been supplying pure cow’s milk produced at the company run Bhagyalakshmi Farm in Manchar, near Pune to cities like Mumbai, Pune and Surat for consumers who believe in leading a healthy lifestyle and consuming natural and unadulterated products. In order to meet the demands of connoisseurs of quality milk in Delhi, the company will be airlifting the farm fresh cow’s milk from Pune to Delhi every morning and delivering to consumers’ doorstep.

The customers can place an order on the official Pride of Cows website. In the coming months, the company is planning to expand the product portfolio by introducing new milk variants under Pride of Cows.


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